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Diamond Select: Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Video and Quick Pics

I’m circling back around to post the Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord because I wanted the figure to simmer a bit before I started typing out my thoughts after voicing them on video. Yeah.

My wording was a little harsh, but even after thinking about it further I still think the figure is a huge disappointment. It’s definitely the weak link in this set that consisted of Gamora with Rocket, Groot, and Drax. As I’m typing this, I have finished initial pics and video of Drax and it’s awaiting edits. I have to say I love the rest of the team. All great figures. Sure, a loose joint here and there, but nothing like the floppiness of Star-Lord.

And I think that’s what got me. It wasn’t the odd accessories that either look awkward or don’t really add anything to the figure. It wasn’t the left hand that wouldn’t hold the gun correctly. It wasn’t that the hair between the two heads looked nothing alike in either color or sculpt. It was the loose ankles, knees, shoulders, and wrists that just hit me wrong right out of the package. Basically, I shoot my videos all in one block. Intro, open the package, take some pics, shoot the rest of the video. You can tell I was excited at first but that was reversed really quickly. When the figure wouldn’t even stand without a fight and the range didn’t allow for too many really dynamic poses, it just, quite frankly, pissed me off. It can’t even hold the gun with it’s arms outstretched without the arm drooping under it’s own weight. No. Just no.

Can all of the be fixed? Yeah. The engineering is what really brings the piece down here, thankfully it’s nothing cosmetic. Some Future, some popping, some dremeling. But I wanted to see what the rest of the team was like before devoting any time towards it. Because really, I like the sculpt and paint here on Star-Lord, even if it doesn’t exactly match up with the rest of the team. I’m emphasizing “team” here, and the whole is worth fixing the one. Hell, some of the others need some range tweaks too, especially the torsos and necks, but ol’ Quill here needs it most of all.









7 thoughts on “Diamond Select: Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Video and Quick Pics

  1. Are these coming to the actual Disney store, or are they online only? I can only assume they’d be available at retail as well, no?

  2. Everything about the figure looks perfect EXCEPT that unmasked Headsculpt. He looks so much like Dolph Lundgren and like you said, it doesn’t match the masked head.

  3. Loose joints are the worst. If a figure looks good aesthetically I’ll give it a pass on a wonky paint job or too few accessories, etc. But no one gets a pass on loose joints because it makes the figure useless if you can’t display it outta the packaging. Looking forward to the SH Figuarts mcu Star-Lord for the sequel, like others have said it would be awesome if Mezco did one. Either comic or mcu version, Mezco would do the hell outta that jacket .

    Im a big fan of ThreeA and they have the Marvel license, would like them to take a crack at Star-Lord. Thankfully you bought this and saved me some money cuz I almost pulled the trigger. I’m sorry this figured ended up being a dud, that’s always a kick in the teeth when your initial excitement gets crapped on right out of the box.

  4. I’m still in love with the legends version…the sculpt was bad ass, and with accessories from the first release I’m good…if mezco brings out a star lord I’ll look…but other than that I’m good

  5. Shouldn’t the expectation be that the larger, Diamond Select figures are to be BETTER than the smaller, mass-market Legends?

  6. Never liked that “torso” joint… wish they would make the cut just below his pectoral muscles so the transition looks smoother… The Civil War Captain America has it like that…

  7. Somehow this figure just manages to look *waaaaaay* too much like Grifter. Should’ve gone with the white/black/red armour.

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