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Mattel: DC Universe Classics Series 4 Wonder Woman

DC Universe Classics females have the best high heels in the 6-inch action figure industry. Simply the best feet, best heels. All they need is that newly engineered rocker ankle that is so popular and they’d be gold. And after re-reading that, I feel “Welshcat talking about Sharapova feet” creepy.

DC Universe Classics Wonder Woman was available to collectors way back in the fall of 2008, a long time ago. She was part of the Despero Collect and Connect Series and was the second female to hit the series. Harley Quinn was the first in Wave 1, but she was sporting a different body, the one that grandfathered over from DC Superheroes. Wonder Woman is an all-new sculpt, and it was a unique sculpt for the most part. Many of the details are not shareable with other characters, which is why Artemis made sense as a variant. They both shared the same costume at one point.

Wonder Woman is a classic comic book character. She’s one of the olds, first appearing in 1941 and still exists today. She’s had her ups and down’s popularity-wise over the years; she’s been an “A-Lister” and probably even a ” -Lister” further down. But she’s enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity with a renewed interest in the character, some decent writing and characterization, and, of course, a big movie appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And if we believe anything about the DC internet movie hype, the upcoming Wonder Woman movie is supposed to be really good. I won’t hold my breath for it to be good, but I will see it as I like the character, and Gal Gadot looks and acts the part well, as briefly portrayed in BVS.

Wonder Woman is a good, solid action figure. She has the classic costume, the one I know from Super Friends, Super Powers, TV shows, and the comics of my youth (I am that old). She’s a tall figure, which suits the character. She looks strong, yet maintains the feminine look we expect to her to have. As I mentioned at the start, Wonder Woman has the best high-heeled feet in 6-inch action figures; it’s a low, thick boot heel that allows stability in her poses. The feet lay flat and there is no need for a support stand.

The articulation uses the same layout as Harley Quinn. All of it works and is a lot of fun to pose. There are limits with the single-jointed knees and elbows, but this is Wonder Woman. She’s not supposed to striking Spider-Woman levels of posing. There are two areas of improvement that I’d like to see in the DCUC articulation. I’ve covered the rocker ankles before and that holds for Wonder Woman, but the crotch is very wide-stanced. Yes, she is a warrior and should have a good stance, but you can’t strike that “runway” look with the legs that I think looks great in displays.

She comes with a Despero part (leg), a shield, and battle axe. Her golden lasso is a sculpted piece that is attached to her hip, but there is not a swinging lasso that she can hold. The shield and axe are great sculpts, although after fidgeting with the sword, I realized that the hands don’t hold the axe very well. The hands need to be sculpted to be able to hold the axe, which makes me wonder why there aren’t extra swappable hands, specifically fists since Wonder Woman is a puncher.

Wonder Woman is a must have for your collection. A beautiful figure, some minor quibbles, nothing show stopping. If you collect DC Universe Classics, then this is the Wonder Woman you should have in your collection. You can still get her here:

9 thoughts on “Mattel: DC Universe Classics Series 4 Wonder Woman

  1. bicepts are FAR too thin. That pic next to superman shows what is wrong. I do not want a bodybuilder level of buff, but the figures have had twiggy thin arms and on some girls that is fine. I had the same problem with the Powergirl.

  2. Ahhhhh She’s in some toolbox inside my closet along with the Artemis variant…

    These older Mattel offerings seem to be better sculpted than what’s on shelves right now…

  3. And now you’re making me want to take this cutie down off the shelf, place her under the knife, and give her rocker ankles…

  4. Good write- up, but Harley Quinn appeared in wave 2, not wave 1 🙂 Also, is that photo of her with Superman skewed? I had both a while ago and could’ve sworn Supes was taller, but I could be wrong…

  5. I appreciate the decision to cut the hip joints in line with the edge of her blue shorts. I wish previous figures (e.g., DC Direct Infinite Crisis Series 2) adhered to that rule. I prefer to avoid thigh cuts generally (in action figures and in life). 🙂

  6. The shoulders don’t blend well into the arms. That was one of the major issues I had with the female DCUC buck. IMHO the DCUC New 52 Wonder Woman head sculpt looks much better than this one

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