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Ask Matty – 4/1/9

mattel.gifNo Fwoosh Fans, this is not an April Fool’s joke- Toy Guru and Matty are back with more answers to your burning questions.

1. For the 6-inch Ghostbusters line – will the proton packs be removable or are they permanently attached to each figure? Also, in the latest issue of Toy Fare (#141) you said that Ernie Hudson recently signed off on his likeness – when will we get to see the figure?
The packs will be removable but it is too early to reveal release dates of any particular figure. We should have more information at SDCC. 

2. Why was the DCUC series 9 Guardian figure version changed, especially after the figure was shown at NYCC? Will he have an accurate belt (with buckle shaped like his shield)? 
The figure was changed because the vintage Guardian was available tool wise first and we wanted to do Wildcat as the variant since he is better known. 

3. Since the DCUC Green Arrow figure will not have a bow that can be drawn back (a choice that seems strange since a lot of figures have come with bow strings in the past), will you please at least consider not having arrows attached a la Artemis? For a lot of collectors it is easy enough to replace the rigid plastic bow string, but the attached arrows would not help that. Seems sad to do it that way when the figure has such great new articulation.
The arrow actually had to be attached for legal reasons to prevent the toy being classified as a weapon. It is a legal thing, but a design choice. 

4. You usually do a good job of keeping collectors informed about upcoming waves of figures, at least two or three series in advance, when will we know what the next Matty Collector DCUC two pack will be? Since the Earth-3 goes on sale next month, it seems like we are getting close. What about DCUC 10?
We will likely reveal these closer to SDCC. 

5. Aside from She-Ra of course, what female PoP characters would Matty most like to get produced once you start making making characters from that corner of the Masters universe? It seems like fans at a lot of site are holding characters like Frosta, Mermista and Catra in high esteem, will you take cues from fan votes for these?
We’ve worked the line pretty far in advance and do look at a lot of fan suggestions on line. We think fans will be pretty pleased with what we have in store. And She-Ra won’t necessarily be the first POP figure released…

*Thanks again to Toy Guru and Matty for keeping us up to date.

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