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Ask Matty – 8/7/13 Special Edition


As you know, we are right in the middle of the “sub-sellin'” season at Matty Collector. The future of both the Club Eterina and Club Infinite Earths is in the balance, so if you are wanting to see them continue, head on over and check out the subscription order page. In the meantime, here are some answers to a few topic questions.

In talking about the MOTU line-ups for 2014 and 2015, you have said that you will get to the vintage MOTU and PoP and the “A-List” FilMation and Mini-Comic characters. Can you give us some examples of the the latter two? We know that a “Scorpion-like” character was teased, but who do you consider A-List among those groups?

Geldor would be an example of a mini comic character and Lord Dactus would be a 200X character to use as an example.

MOTU fans have gotten some teases at a couple of characters beyond what was fully revealed at Comic con for their sub, any chance for something like for the DC crew? Care to give us some sneak peeks, or at the very least, tell us what teams will get bolstered in 2014?

Alas with DC there are a few more logistical steps involved with the line as it is a licensed line so we don’t have more teases at this time.

Looking at a “worst case scenario” and neither the DC or the MOTU subs make it in 2014, what happens to Matty Collector? Where those lines go, doesn’t Matty follow? What would be left for that site if the two main things are removed?

At this time we are focused on selling the subs in. We’ll cross that bridge when and if it happens.

If after 2015, MOTU Classics would come to an all intents and purposes close, would it be possible to re-brand the property and still essentially get the same kind of figures? For example, there is a TON of FilMation left to get to, could those unique characters, supplemented by demanded A-List variants support a full line that could take the stage after vintage Classics is completed?

No. This is it. If we can’t get enough sub holders in 2014 likely the 6″ line would wrap up. If we can’t sell the more popular vintage figures it will be even harder to sell a sub sect of the brand in its own sub.

You said in the Fwoosh interview that MOTU as a property has “a lot going on with the brand right now”. We have a comic and a movie is in development. Couldn’t it be possible to re-think Classics as a marketing tool (advertisement) for the brand and not just a toy line. What I mean is, since MOTU is a Mattel-owned property, just like G.I. Joe is for Hasbro, isn’t there an interest to be able to keep the brand out there while these things come together? As a marketing tool, could that help with the life of the Classics line? If it goes away, we are left with very little merchandise out there.

That is correct. If it goes away you will be left with less product. That is why everyone should sub up.

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5 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 8/7/13 Special Edition

  1. ?!? Did toyguru just tell us 2,”shut d F#¢@up lube up and take it!?” 😉
    @Cam – with all due respect,Hasby’s got a point. Miss Martian IS a Comic book character! Not that I’m in favor of the sub doing “cartoon style” figs.(She should have a comic accurate figure)It should all be uniform and That’s the most logical and truthful idea you’re gonna get out of TG. Every interview I read, even way back in Toyfare or see on YouTube Tg is way too oleaginous. Like a politician! This is Cartoons,Comics &Toys! Not fox, msnbc, or cnn! Simple kid stuff ; the innocence of youth and all that. Leave bs politics @ home on your cable TV! I’m optimistic. I buy a sub every year despite my feelings for the above. However, it looks like the lies and ambiguity may kill the fun of
    these subs for everyone. The meter, especially the two tiered DOOMSDAY meter just feels looks a little sketchy. It’s vague. Non-specific. How many subs do they want to sell? 10,000? 10 million? 10 billion? Why not just tell us by making the meter have exact graduations, makings? Why so secretive? It’s turning ppl off. That’s not good marketing ..and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it too many times; Keep your promises! Finish the teams! Make the oversized characters you SAID you would! Easy.peasy.

  2. @cam – “You ARE aware that Miss Martian appears in the comics, right?” Comics. Not cartoon. Don’t act as if you speak for everyone.

  3. @Hasby – The preorder for the 2-pack didn’t go through, that should tell you enough. The last thing I want to pay for out of this subscription are cartoon styled figures. Don’t act as if you speak for everyone.

  4. It’s so hard to buy the DC sub when there are no clues as to who I am paying for and when TG gives answers like this…

    “Hi TG, How about making the Young Justice Miss Martian and Connor Kent that were previously up for pre-order, a part of the sub and make one or both no dos to possibly entice more people to sub. The no dos seems to help motuc fans decide to sub. So how about trying it with dcie.”

    We tried this and there were not enough customers. And we are keeping the sub all comic style. We don’t want to cut our customer base more by making some figs animated style and others comic.

    …Really? Really. Reaaaally?
    A. You ARE aware that Miss Martian appears in the comics, right?
    B. Lies. I know way more people who paid for the SB/MM 2 pack than paid for the sub. The meter NEVER moved. How could it? It was a JPG. You had no intentions of releasing these figures. Shame.

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