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Ask Matty – 4/15/9

mattel.gifIt is the middle of the month, that means more answers from Matty and Toy Guru, our pals at Mattel.

1. Concerning SDCC- Last year it seemed that shopping at the Mattel booth was a dreaded task. Customers were often turned away fairly early each day realizing that the booth had already closed down. Just getting access to wait in line for a few hours was a hefty task in itself. What changes will made to help streamline shopping at the Mattel booth this year, so that you guys don’t have to send customers away or close down early each day?

We will have a separate sales booth this year run by our toy club (the same folks who run our retail stores) running the booth. It should be much smoother! Full details will be posted on and our Facebook page.
2. A number of collectors have mentioned remembering two different versions of DCUC Skeets: one that opened to reveal Mr. Mind and a somewhat rounder design. However, those of us who seem to remember this have been unable to dig up picture evidence of two different Skeets. What’s the deal? Are we all crazy and remembering wrong or was there a different version that was scheduled to come out?

There is only one version of Skeets. But the version that comes with modern Booster does open to reveal Mr. Mind. But both Skeets are the same design.
3. In regards to rereleasing DCSH figures into the proper line, Why not just put those DCSH figures in All-Star spots? I can’t imagine that characters like Catwoman, Supergirl, or Two-Face aren’t higher profile than a character like Firestorm. Seems like it would kill 2 birds with one stone – get the figures back out AND supply you with some more “marquee” names for casual customers to be drawn in by.

This is something we will consider!
4. All the Modern Booster Gold figures we’ve seen so far have yellow gloves, matching the classic version, while the prototype had blue gloves (which looked much better to me). Will any of the modern Boosters have blue gloves as originally advertised? Maybe Modern Booster as an All-Star release with corrected paints?

If we do re-release Booster we can certainly look into this!
5. It has said that MOTUC Tri-Clops’ visor will not turn- is that indeed correct? If so, isn’t that more of an articulation point rather than an action feature? This movement would not obscure any other movement so it seems VERY odd that he (and possibly Man-E-Faces) would lose this turning ability. Please consider including it, but if you do not- will there only be one version of Tri-Clops or will there be multipes with different eyes facing forward?

The visor will turn 180 degrees. It is just not “removable” from his head.

*Thanks again to Matty and Toy Guru for the responses!

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