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Ask Matty – 3/16/9

mattel.gifIt is once again time for a mid-month update from Matty and Toy Guru. They have some DCUC, DCIH and MOTU answers for us this time around!

1. Since we are getting a blue Wildcat variant in DCUC 9, can you describe the deco for us? Also, any chance of getting that figure with his classic fingerless gloves look instead of the taped wrists? Seems like that could be done with paint.

We actually have not locked down the exact variant of Wildcat yet. Look for that announcement coming soon.

2. Will the classic DCUC Mantis have a cape that is flexible enough not to limit his articulation and movement? The mock up in the case looked a little rigid.

We are still working through the exact details of the Mantis figure and will take your suggestion into consideration!

3. You said the Battle Cat and Panthor are being considered for MOTUC in 2010- can we expect articulation on them or will they be like the original ’80s toys and be lacking in that area? Also, will proper consideration be given to the saddles on them so that He-Man and Skeletor can sit on them and look natural with their furry shorts?

Battle Cat (and therefore Panthor) will be just as articulated as any other MOTUC figure, and yes, of course He-Man will be able to sit on his mount! We wouldn’t have it any other way!

4. Getting a mini Atom figure in DCUC series 8 is such a great idea, can you tell us what basic figure he will be packed with? How tall will he be? Any articulation?

The mini Atom is part of the Giganta Collect and Connect figure (think of him as an accessory like Kalibak had a club and Despero had guns) and is packed in with Gentleman Ghost. He is not articulated and stands less than 1 inch tall.

5. Is the articulation on the DCIH Animal Man final? It is really great to get improved articulation but he is dying for some hip articulation improvement. Even with the new configuration, a lot of those POAs will be limited by the lack of posability in the hips.

Animal Man is close to final and we are looking at ways to get improved hip (and other body part) articulation into the IH line as soon as possible, We are striving to constantly make improvements to this line as we go forward!

As always, thanks to Toy Guru and Matty for giving us the latest news. Also, don’t forget that MOTUC Faker went on sale today, hop over to to get yours.

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