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Ask Matty – 9/2/8

Toy Guru and Marry are back for the after Labor Day edition of Ask Matty. Let’s see what they have to say this time around!mattel.gif

1. SDCC had a very impressive showing of new figures for DCUC, but collectors are a fickle lot. Are we going to be seeing packaged pictures of the upcoming series 4 and the Wal-Mart series soon? If they are going to hit in October, that is getting close. Also- series 3 was revealed on Fwoosh and shown in Toy Fare last year in October/November- any chance of series 8 being revealed around that time this year?

Because of the new vendor we are using is pushed some of our release dates back. New accurate dates will be announced soon on the retail release section at in the next few months.

2. Is there a more firm date rather than "Fall" for the upcoming Starfire and Adam Strange two-pack? Are collectors going to be able to pre-order this set? When went live the Monday after SDCC a lot of fans had difficulty ordering their figures.

We are working out a lot of those issues with our online web vendor. Because we want to make sure the ordering process goes as smooth as possible we are holding off on announcing any release dates until we work all the bugs out. Don’t worry, they are coming!

3. One of the reasons many collector’s flocked to Mattel was due to the fact that DC Direct scale is wildly inconsistent. DCSH/UC gave us the hope of a relatively well-scaled DC Universe with great sculpting for a better price. However, with the enormous SDCC exclusive Lobo and the woefully short Sinestro, there’s a concern brewing amongst collectors that the scale variations are getting out of hand. Can you address the lack of consistency of relative scale as of late, and what, if any, plans there are to address it?

Lobo was built using the upcoming Despero body. Sinestro is the correct height and size as approved by DC comics. Keep in mind that over the many years different artists have interpreted DC characters very different. (just look at Solomon Grundy). The DCUC line is Mattel and the Four Horsemen’s interpretation of the characters.

4. Does the arrival of Atom Smasher as the C&C for DCUC series 7 mean that when we start getting more JSA characters it will be the modern incarnations?

We will be doing many versions of the characters, modern, vintage, golden age, etc. Atom Smasher does not symbolize anything but a great figure!

5. Any chance of getting some pictures of the Modern Booster Gold, Classic Skeets and alternate head of Mer-Man? These were not on display in the Mattel booth at SDCC and I am dying to see them!

We will have more pictures up on in the coming months. Many of the pictures shown at SDCC were exclusive for the fans who trekked out to our fan panels. We wanted to reward them for their efforts!

6. When are waves one and two of the Toys R Us DCUC going to hit?

Around October.


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