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Ask Matty – 8/15/08

mattel.gifWe are back with another round of answers for Ask Matte- wait what is this? Ask Matty? It looks like Matty is going to be helping out Toy Guru on these questions from now on. Let’s see what he has to say!

1. The plastic used on the loincloth of the SDCC exclusive King Greyskull figure is very rigid and unflexible. Any chance of this being corrected for the upcoming figures? It really limits the posablility of the figure. How about getting more flexible plasitc capes in DCUC too?

The new MOTU Classic  figures will have a smaller loin cloth compared to King Grayskull so they should be easier to pose. We are exploring different options for capes in the future. Great suggestion!

2. The Big Barda figure shown at SDCC looked really nice but I noticed that she was missing her Mega Rod. Will the figure come with that very important accessory? If so, is there a picture of it?

She will come with a rod. Here is a picture:

3. Now that the new Masters of the Universe Classics figures are rolling out as an exclusive to have you guys given any thought to doing a line for something like the Thundercats in the same fashion? The potential for success seems built right in with that property and the collector-oriented model of the website.

Thundercats is currently not a property licensed to Mattel.

4. How big will the final Kalibak figure be? Kalibak is a very wide and massive character in build but he is rarely depicted as being taller than his father Darkseid. Will he be in proper scale?

Kalibak is about 7.5 inches.

5. While there was an impressive showing of characters on display for DCUC at SDCC three very important teams were not really (or barely) represented- JSA, Freedom Fighters and Legion of Superheroes. Are you going to be getting to more characters from these teams in the near future? How about more females in general?

Yes on all of these. There are tons of teams we have yet to touch such as the Doom Patrol, Metal Men, Legion, Suicide Squad, Female Furies, Ghost Patrol, Blackhawks, Intergant, War that Time Forgot, Green Lantern Corps, Cadre, Crime Syndicate, Fatal Five, Newsboy Legion, Royal Flush Gang, Secret Six, Young Justice and many many more. In time, we’ll get to all of these teams and more. 


Whoa. That is a lot of teams! Looks like we are just beginning to scratch the surface on the character possibilities! Thanks again to Toy Guru and Matty for taking the for us once again.

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