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Ask Matty – 9/15/8

{mosimage}ToyGuru and Matty are back with another session of Ask Matty.  In this edition, they provide some details on the upcoming DC Universe Classics series 6 and some possibilities for the Matty Collector website.  Read on!

1. The DCUC6 Mr. Miracle looks like a great figure but I have one question – he comes with a nice Motherbox accessory but has two sculpted fists – any chance of him having one open hand so he can hold that accessory? 

The MotherBox accessory actually clips onto Mr. Miracle’s back. His hands are posed in such a way so he can look as if he is breaking out of his prison cuffs!

2. Have you given any thought to doing a "Deluxe" DCUC figure execution on Perhaps a character like Metron would really benefit from something like this so you can include his Mobius Chair (and essential accessory).

We have thoughts about executions like this. was set up specifically so we could do figure executions that would not fit into a standard retail package. We will have to see how the first few figures do online before committing to anything larger, but it is on the table!

3. Is there any chance of seeing the DCUC6 Hawkman wings in various poses? A lot of collectors are interested in seeing them different positions.

Hawkman’s wings actually are articulated so you will be able to pose them yourself!

4. As the MOTU Classics continue on over time, will there be an outlet for characters that don’t fit the "standard" figure size for release? Particularly characters that might be too big (like Battle Cat) and too small (perhaps like Orko).

This all depends on sales. If the line takes off, almost anything is possible. Personally, I would love to even get to playsets one day. Orko might be more of a pack in accessory. But again, we will have to see how the first few figures to before committing to anything larger.

5. While we have gotten some good villains and females in the DCUC line so far, it there any chance of upping their numbers through 2-packs or Matty Collector? A Fire and Ice 2-pack makes great sense, and some more of the non-mass market friendly characters like Granny Goodness or Desaad are some essentials that could thrive there. When are we going to hear about the next Matty 2-pack!?

We had a lot of bugs to work out after ordering did not go as smooth as we would have like for the initial sales on We’ll be announcing new packs closer to the end of the year. We do have some great concepts in mind including some of the characters you have mentioned (although they may wind up in the main line just as easy as single figutes). Thanks for the terrific suggestions!

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