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Ask Matty – 10/1/8

mattel.gifMatty and Toy Guru are back again for this early October edition of Ask Matty. What is the scoop on case packs, Kalibak, Masters of the Universe Classics schedules and the cost of doing business in these times? What is in store for 2010(!) and DCUC? Find out here.

1. For the newly announced case packs for the Atom Smasher series, a lot of collectors are worried about finding all of their figures to complete the C&C. Will the two different assortments be shipping to retail at the same time, or will they be staggared?

The assortments will be a bit staged which was done for a few reasons. Mainly, in order to keep the cost per figure down we needed to assure our retailer partners that there would be new “fresh” product in each mix. This meant splitting the waves into two mixes which would ship about a month apart. (it was this or raising the price to 19.99 per figure, these are expensive guys to make!) In the end, we wanted to keep the SRP down. But as a compromise, online sellers will be able to order solid case packs and create their own “Waves” to sell as they see fit. We know this isn’t a perfect solution, but with rising manufacturing costs, this was one of the best options we could take.
2. Can you tell us what accessories the upcoming Kalibak C&C will be coming with? We have seen shots of him with just a club, but also some that have a gun and another accessory attached to his back.

Originally he had a few accessories but due to rising costs some of those had to be removed. He will now come with only his club. However, some of the other accessories will ship with future New God figures and will fit on Kalibak’s belt and hands!
3. When can we expect to see packaged shots of the Wal-Mart wave of DCUC? When are they expected to be on the pegs?

Packaging shots should be available now on some fan websites. The Wal Mart Wave will be out in November.
4. How will the Atom Smasher figure be broken up in terms of C&C pieces? In the past there has been 2 legs, 2 arms and a torso/head pice, how will 6 figures impact a change in the separation? Cold it potentially lead to slightly taller C&Cs?

Atom Smasher will be our biggest Collect and Connect figure to date coming to 9 inches. (and we have an even bigger 10 inch figure in mind for later in 2010). He will be split up over 6 figures with the Flash figure in the wave coming with a base instead of a C&C piece.
5. For MOTUC, since He-man and Beastman have been delayed, how will that impact the current release schedule? Will that push Skeletor to January and then on from there?

Currently, Skeletor and Stratos have been pushed back a month each correspondingly but we are working with our plants to see if old Bone Face can still make it out in December. We hope to have an update soon.

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