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Ask Mattel – 5/15/8

mattel.gifIt is the middle of the month and you know what that means- Toy Guru is back with the latest batch of answers to your burning questions. Read on for all the details on the hot DC properties.

1. Are there specific eras that you will be focusing on in regards
to team building in DCUC? Right now it seems like, for the JLA, that
the focus right now is on the Satellite era (with Red Tornado,
Firestorm, Aquaman, Batman and the upcoming Atom figure) is this being
done on purpose? Also, do you have a preference for what era of the JSA
you would like to do first? Golden Age? Modern?

The first year to two years of the DCU line is really about
maximizing the number of characters out there. You will really see a
more concentrated look at “team building” by the time we reach the end
of year two. We are so early in the line that tons of characters have
yet to have even one version.

We’ll likely do modern and silver age versions of characters first,
but we do have at least two Golden Age characters at bat in mid 2009.
(and no, that was not a Bruce Wayne pun).

2. It seems like the Movie Masters figures are scaled slightly smaller
than DCUC, was this done on purpose? The Goon fits in well but Batman
and Joker seem undersized. Is the MM line in a scale unto itself?

The MM line is based on the likeness of actors. Some of the actors may
not be as “tall” as their hand drawn counterparts. The line is intended
to be in a 6” scale just like DCUC and MOTU Classics.

3. A quick question about the upcoming accessories included with
some of the figure figures: Are Despero’s bandoliers and Metallo’s
chest plate removable? Will Wonder Woman’s lasso be "playable" or is it
just attached at the waist? Also, will Batman Begins Batman have is red

Despero’s armor is removable, as is Metallo’s chest plate. Wonder
Woman’s lasso is attached to her belt but she does come with an axe and
shield that are removable. Batman Beyond’s wing’s will be in the
retracted position. But we do have a big surprise for this figure in
the 6” scale… stay tuned.

4. Way back at the start of the year it was stated that there would be
3 females in the DCUC line in 2008 after Harley, is that still true? 
We have Wonder Woman and Artemis, can we expect to see one more this
year or does that count the Batgirl rerelease? I hope it doesn’t. 🙂

One of the reasons we try not to comment on figures early in the year
is because things do change all the time. (both figure, packaging,
deco, accessories, etc…) Batgirl was a late addition and her presence
in the line was not commented on earlier in the year.

5. Is anything being done so that the DCUC exclusive Wal Mart series
and the Toys R Us 2-packs will be available to the international fans?

Both Wal-Mart and TRU have international locations and will carry the DCUC exclusives.

Thanks again to Toy Guru for keeping us in the loop on all the happenings… SDCC is inching closer and closer.

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