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Ask Mattel – 6/1/8

mattel.gifIt’s the first of the month and I think that song was written about how the first of the month means more answers about all things DC from Toy Guru and Mattel. Either way, we’ve got the latest for you.

1. How big (tall) will the DCUC Metallo C&C figure be?

He will be about 7.5 inches.

2. Ca you give us the expected dates of when each of the rest of the DCUC series will be hitting the pegs? It seems like there is a lot of conflicting information about dates right now- S3? S4? Wal-Mart series? S6? TRU 2-packs?

Wave 4 and 5 should be out by late summer early fall.

3. Is the Jason Rusch Firestorm still on the radar for release? It seems like it is getting really close to the time when series 3 will be out, is Jason going to make it?

Yes. Jason will be a running change for Wave 2 and should be hitting stores shortly.

4. How far out in advance do you begin working a DCUC series? It is May 2008 right now can you tell us what is being worked on now?

We are currently working on fall 2009 product.

5. How is work going on the Mattel online DC site? Can we expect something soon and will it include a store? Right now it has been tough for a lot of people (especially international customers) to come by product, a store would really help out with that.

This is something we are working on and hope to have an update at San Diego Comic Con. Sorry, but we just can’t release details until more of the project is locked down.

Thanks again to Toy Guru for keeping us informed. The wait until SDCC seems pretty unbearable right now, doesn’t it?


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