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Ask Mattel – 5/1/8

mattel.gifWelcome to a special post-NYCC edition of Mattel Answers. Toy Guru is back with the lowdown on all of the goodies that we got to see at the big show in the Big Apple.

*Editor’s Note: Please keep in mind that these questions were submitted immediately following New York Comic Con. Not to worry, we have another round ready to submit to Mattel so we can get some answers about the anticipated Movie Masters Line.

1. Were the DCUC series 4 figures on display productions pieces?

The series 4 figures at NYCC were the first run production pieces. They were not final but were very close. A few paint ops may change and be improved before these figures hit store shelves.

2. Movie Masters- when can we expect more news about possible upcoming series?

Until the line hits retail, it is not possible for us to comment on upcoming series. We’ll have to see how it performs first. For 2008, the line will focus on Batman the Dark Knight.

3. Captain Atom is a very hopeful sign, does that mean you can do all of the Charlton Chracters now like Vic Sage Questions and Ted Kord Blue Beetle?

Yes, we do have access to most of the Charlton Characters. We’ll see what we can do about giving Fwoosh an exclusive if and when Ted Kord is made! We know Fwoosh has been a big supporter of this character.

4. If the TRU 2-packs continue will they always be at least partial re-releases? Could they possibly expand into versus and team up packs with all new characters?

The TRU 2-packs will continue to be a mix of older hard to find figures, repaints and a few new figures. We will do our best to at least make re-releases a bit different from the original release (such as giving Orion a new helmet). In other cases, such as with Azrael, we want to release the original version. The whole point of re-releasing this figure is because many fans misses him the first time.

Versus and team ups are always a possibility in the future if the 2-packs perform well at retail.

5. When will you announce the rest of DCUC series 6? Care to drop a hint?

At San Diego Comic Con.  All of our hints were dropped at New York Comic Con.

6. Will there be a limit on how many Lobos, Gigantas and King GS someone can buy at SDCC?


7. When will get further news of MOTU, like a series 1 line up?

At San Diego Comic Con. Although the first figure (after Grayskull) will not be out until late fall.

8. Since the Artemis WW variant is a separate character, any chance of seeing here packed a little more evenly?

A little bit, but she will remain a chase figure.

9. Will there be any variants for the Wal-Mart wave? Classic Black Lightning perhaps?

The Wal-Mart Wave (Wave 5) will not have any variants. That doesn’t mean we couldn’t do classic Black Lightning in the future in another format or in a regular wave.

10. Will "dawg" be articulated or just a little pvc figure?

His head turns.

Thanks again to Toy Guru for taking the time to answer our questions!

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