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Ask Mattel – 2/14/8

mattel.gifA special Valentine’s day treat- because you are so loved! Toy Guru swings back in for the last round of answers before the big New York Toy Fair next week. A whole lotta stuff happening this year.

1. Everyone working on the DCUC line is doing a fantastic job. A great a mount of the line’s success has to be due to the amazing design and sculpting by the Four Horsemen. Going forward, is it the plan to keep them as the exclusive sculptors for the line? Everything fits together so well it seems like that should be the plan.

Yes. Currently the Four Horsemen are as committed to this line as those of us at Mattel. One of the main goals of this line is to deliver a huge amount of DC Figures in a similar style. The Four Horsemen not only deliver an amazing style and breathtaking sculpts, but their commitment and knowledge about the DC Universe would blow most fan boys away. It really is a great match.

2. We know that revealing characters in certain waves is a big deal and helps build anticipation for the line so NYCC cannot come soon enough. However, would you be willing to give a little information as to what "teams" might represented in series 4 and 5 of DCUC? Teen Titans? JSA? JLI? JLA? New Gods?

Year 1 of the DCUC figures is really about exploring the entire Universe. We are very committed to building all of the major and minor teams from the JSA to the Metal Men and even the Legion of Superheroes and the Rogues. Everyone is fair game. There are not any specific teams being created this year, but by the end of year 2 and 3 you should really see some good teams forming. Our long-term goal for the line is not to build teams over the course of a single wave, but rather at the end of say, 5 years, you can look back and say, “Wow, I have all the JLU core members, and all of the Doom Patrol.” When building teams we are making sure not to leave anyone out. It will happen very organically. You’ll wind up with the whole crew; it will just take some time. But hey- isn’t that the fun of action figure collecting!

3. Are there any planned (or expressed interest) for any DCUC retailer exclusives this year? The DCSH two packs at Target were a great idea, it would be nice to see something like that be carried over, even if it has to be at a single retailer.

Yes! We actually have some terrific retailer exclusives coming out this fall that will include unique figures available nowhere else. More will be announced on this at NY Comic Con.

4. Since DCUC Series 3 will be out by May, do you have an ETA for the rest of the year? Approximately when can we expect 4 and 5?

Wave 4 should be out in the summer, Wave 5 will be early fall.

5. The latest news on the possible SDCC exclusive DCUC figure is already creating a lot of buzz. Can fans be assured that there will be enough quantity produced to that everyone will get a chance to get the figure? Any consideration at all to making it available at a website or web store after the Con? We realize that it is an incentive to go but for some people it is just not possible.

While we cannot guarantee everyone at the show will be able to get all of the exclusives, those who make it a priory to pick up Mattel figures at our booth should have no problem. We do plan to sell out by the end of the show. If we do not sell out, we may explore options such as a web store but no details are set at this point. 

Again, thanks to Toy Guru and Mattel for taking the time to answer our questions. Next week should bring plenty of conversation topics for us to mull over. Ny Comic Con cannot get here soon enough.

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