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Ask Mattel – 3/13/8

mattel.gifIt is the middle of the month and that means Toy Guru is back with answers to your DC-related questions. There are some exciting, Wonderous and slightly cryptic repsonses this time so, read on!

1. Is there an chance in the future of expanding DCUC assortments to 6 figures instead of 5? Cases ship in 6 pieces and would seem to be better off with an extra figure so there is even less potential for a "peg warmer". That, coupled with the "buck" bodies being established seems like it would be easy to add another figure to the assortments (the more figures, the merrier). This might also help in getting REALLY big C&C figures in the future.

This is definitely something we are looking into. Possibly for 2009 or beyond.

2. What exactly are we going to see for DCUC at NYCC? Will we see the rest of series 4 and all of series 5 plus the C&C figures? What do you plan on showing at SDCC? Any chance we will at least hear the line-up for series four (and five!) before NYCC?

The only thing we can confirm is that NYCC will be out next announcement. We won’t be sharing anything before then because we are still locking down who is in each assortment! Things change very quickly in the toy industry and the last thing we want to do is put out incorrect information.

3. Toy Fair showed that there will be a much stronger presence of DC product hitting shelves in 2008 with DCUC, DCIH, JLU, Super Friends and the Imaginex stuff. Was there anything held back that we might be seeing this year as far as new lines are concerned?

Yes. We still have major announcements for NYCC and San Diego Comic Con. We have not revealed any of our summer convention exclusive or our fall exclusive items either…

4. The DCUC Wonder Woman is a beautiful figure. The Horsemen really did a great job! One thing though- it doesn’t appear that she has the standard thigh swivel joint consistent with the rest of the line- will more articulation be added to her before production begins? How do her hip joints work?

We do not have a final model of Wonder Woman at this point so it is not possible to comment on this yet. We hope to have a more detailed final toy to show at the summer conventions. Sorry we could not be more specific quite yet!

5. We have heard that, in regards to more New Gods figures showing up in DCUC, that there is a stance of "pleading the FIFTH", on that. Would you say that the FIFTH would be an accurate stance? 😉

We’ll just see what happens as we continue to COUNTDOWN to the launch of new toys. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing so we can avoid any type of CRISIS.

As always, thanks to Toy Guru for continuing to keep us in the loop!

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