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Demanded Characters – The Marvel Family

Welcome back to another installment of Demanded Characters.  This column wraps up our month long look at the magical beings in the DCU.  This week we will take a look at the biggest magical family in the DCU, the Marvels. 

Last week most people chose the classic Raven and wanted a white costume variant.

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Billy Batson, AKA Captain Marvel, was a young orphan who sold newspapers on the streets of a big city.  One day he followed a strange man down into the subway.  As he entered the train he was unsure of the destination, but when the doors opened he entered a cave like tunnel and followed the stranger.  The walls were lined with statues and at their bases were the names of the seven deadly sins.  The boy saw the man at the end of the tunnel and listened to his words.  The old man started to tell the boy about the powers of Shazam.  He told the boy that he needs a hero to fight evil in the world and if he speaks the name Shazam he will be endowed with great powers of the ancient Greek gods.  The boy called out the name Shazam and was transformed into a man dressed in gold and red.  Young Billy was then transformed into Captain Marvel, protector of Fawcett City.  By day Billy was a young man, but when trouble struck he was transformed into the hero, though he retained his child- like innocence. Throughout the years the Captain joined the JLA, JSA, and fought both with and against Superman.  Today young Billy Batson is no longer Captain Marvel, but has taken on the role of Shazam, the wizard controlling all the magic. 

Freddy Freeman, AKA Captain Marvel Jr., was a young man fishing with his grandfather when they were attacked by Captain Nazi.  The attack left Freddy crippled and the grandfather dead.  Captain Marvel was in the area and saved the young man, but it was too late, nothing could repair the damage to the young man.  Captain Marvel rushed the boy to the throne room of the great wizard who had given him power and asked the same be done for young Freeman.  While the wizard understood there was nothing he could do,  there was only so much power; so the Wizard told Marvel he could share the power.  The difference was that the boy was given powers only when he spoke the name Captain Marvel.  Freddie took on the name Captain Marvel Jr. and fought evil as part of the Marvel family as well as the Titans and the Outsiders.  Today Freddie has been chosen to take on the mantel of Captain Marvel in this new age of magic in the DCU.

Mary Batson, AKA Mary Marvel, was a young girl Mary who lost her parents and was sent to a new home.  She was separated from her brother Billy.  Mary grew up as the daughter of a rich couple.  She entered a spelling contest which just happened to be hosted by her long lost brother Billy.  Billy thought he recognized her, and after the contest he tried to contact her, only to be taken captive.  She found out that she is Billy’s sister and tried to save him.  He told her to say the word Shazam and she was zapped with lightening, which turned her in to Mary Marvel.  She freed Billy and they fought against their captors.  The two became the heroes of Fawcett City, and joined teams like the JLA; and shared powers with Freddie, becoming an unstoppable trio.  After the last crisis Mary lost the ability to access her powers and was given powers by Black Adam.  She fought through dark times, using dark magic and found herself helping Holly, Harley, and Queen Hypolita save Paradise Island from Granny Goodness. 

Should this Marvelous family have its own wave? Or should we get them as part of a box set with some more characters?

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