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Official Fwoosh Transformers Generations Top Ten Poll Results

The results from the very first Fwoosh Transformers Generations top ten are in, and I gotta say I’m pretty excited with how it turned out. In my opinion, it’s a really nice mix of some major characters, and some characters that while not household names, they would all be welcome additions to the collection. It also has G1, IDW, and Beast Wars all represented. Let’s get to the results!

Before we get to the top ten I’d like to give a look at these three characters who just missed the top ten by a single vote. Now while these three just missed, I still feel like they’d be welcome additions to the collection.

Gears[G1], Nautica[IDW], and Point Blank[G1]

Starting off our top ten is the Autobot marksman and slight egomaniac Targetmaster :

10. Sureshot

I would love this. I was always a fan of the Headmasters and the Targetmasters, so he’d be right up my alley. I’ve also always dug his colors. Plus Transformers with a standout personality are always cool too. We’re definitely gonna need Spoilsport to go with him too.

Number nine brings us brings us one of the biggest names on this list and I gotta think his release is inevitable.

9. Perceptor[G1]

Yep. Gotta have him. Let’s get to it Hasbro.

In the eighth spot is another bigger name and one of the few characters on this list who was a major player from the original cartoon. While he may be smaller in size he’s as tough as they come.

8. Brawn[G1]

He’s one of the few OG Autobots from the cartoon to not be released in any of the current War for Cybertron lines. It’s kind of surprising but seeing how great the smaller bots like Bumblebee, Huffer, and CliffJumper came out, I’m sure a new Brawn would be amazing.

The seventh spot goes to an Autobot who has been around in almost all of the different continuities. G1, G2, Dreamwave and the IDW books as well. The self proclaimed Autobot detective:

7. Nightbeat[G1]

While there have been a few different Nightbeats made over the last few years, none have really been that great. I’d love to get a true Headmaster version with Muzzle. Nightbeat would be a very cool addition to the Autobot collection.

Number six on the list may be a lesser known character, but he has had some cool moments in the comics, both in the classic and newer books. He’s also a Pretender and seeing if the Transformer team decides to actually venture down that path would be interesting to see.

6. Thunderwing[G1]

I’d have to imagine making him with his complete hard candy shell would be impossible. But I’d love to see if they could find a way to at least get him to combine with his armor to make the super powerful Thunderwing I knew from the comics.

At number five is maybe the biggest no brainer, sure to be made character on this list:

5. Blaster [G1]

Much like Perceptor, you’d have to think getting a new Blaster is a matter of when not if. A Studio Series release would make sense, but really, getting a new Blaster from any of the lines would be amazing. Releasing him with a couple of his tapes would be even more amazing. This is a must have.

Number four is my personal biggest want. He’s a newer character with a much shorter history than most of the others on this list, but man I loved his arc in the comics.

4. Tarn [IDW]

I just dig this guy’s look. The huge presence, the colors, the Decepticon symbol as a face plate. Plus his alt mode is a huge bad ass tank. It’s just so intimidating and cool looking. Plus the fact that his whole purpose is to bring Decepticons who aren’t quite Decepticon enough to justice. Which means executing them with his voice. His voice. Come on Hasbro. Please.

In third place is a character that has risen from obscurity to become a regular player in the 2019 IDW comics.

3. Flamewar [IDW]

Originally starting out as a convention exclusive toy, she’s come quite a long way to now be a feature player in the Cyberverse cartoon and now the current IDW comics. Through every incarnation though, she’s always been portrayed as one of Megatron’s most loyal and dedicated followers. From any era that she’s been a part of Flamewar has been a Decepticon zealot. Her IDW version won out in the vote, and I can see myself finding a spot for her on the Decepticon shelf.

The number two finisher had to be the biggest surprise to me. To be honest I was never a Beast Wars guy, and I really never knew this character existed. But he garnered enough votes to finish just short of being the most wanted Transformer.

2. Silverbolt[BeastWars]

He was a pretty major player in the Beast Wars cartoon so if that’s you bag, you have to be pretty stoked to see him finish this high.

And finishing in the number one spot is a character who had his first toy released way back in 1988 as part of the Targetmasters line. He also featured prominently in the Marvel Transformers UK comics. He was much more fleshed out in the IDW comics. We even learn that his brother is Autobot Tracks.


Needlenose also had a toy released in the Collector’s Club subscription service that fit in with the Combiner Wars line. He could definitely use a nice upgrade though. A new Decepticon plane would be sweet and I dig his color scheme. Make sure he comes with both of his Targetmasters Sunbeam and Zigzag that merge to form his super gun and I’m down.

So that’s the top ten! What do you guys think? Would you be happy getting these guys in some upcoming waves? Did your favorites make the list? You can discuss it here. Thanks to all who contributed and hopefully this line keeps on going and we can do this again next year.