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Demanded Characters – Raven

Welcome back to another magic-filled Demanded Characters.  The world of magic is in flux in the DC Universe and we have seen several members of the JLA and the JSA, so today it is time for a Titan to take the stage.  This week’s Demanded Character is Raven.

Taking a look at last week’s poll, it looks like the people want a classic Blue Devil



The Titans are know for taking in people who have strange backgrounds and making them part of the family, Raven is one of those cases.  Raven was born from a mother named Arella, who was in a cult whose purpose was to bring the devil to earth.  A Demon named Trigon raped Raven’s mother, which resulted in a pregnancy. Arella left the cult and joined a group of pacifists called Azarath. 

Raven grew up in the Pacifist environment of Azarath and tried to join the Justice League.  She was turned down when Zatanna felt the demonic presence in her.  She turned to the Titans who welcomed her into their patchwork family.   Raven fought side by side with the Titans on countless missions, even battling her Father, Trigon.  Her powers connect her to all things mystic in the DCU, making her susceptible to both good and bad energy.  She was a foe to the Titans when she was possessed by the demonic powers of her father.  She, like many other heroes, has faced death; only to return to life to continue her fight against the evil forces in the DCU.  She is currently with the Titans again after being resurrected by the new Brother Blood.   She also knows the darkness in her future from the Titans run-ins with the Titans of Tomorrow, and tried to help the others to stop that evil future from happening. 

So the question this week is what version of Raven do you want first to help fill in your Titans team?

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