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Official Fwoosh 2021 Star Wars Top Ten Poll Results

Going into this Top Ten, I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the results.

That’s not a bad thing at all because while I love the Marvel Legends poll, several of the top ten are forgone conclusions each year. With the Star Wars universe being so vast, and having fans that love minor or obscure characters, I knew this was going to be a different kind of list. After seeing the results I gotta say I’m pretty excited about how the vote turned out. Sure there are a couple of no brainers, but there are some surprises in the top twenty five that really make me happy.

Let’s get to it!

Just like I did with the Legends poll, I’d like to recognize the characters that just missed the top ten cut off. These guys all missed the list by three votes or less. I feel like all of these characters would make great additions to the black series collection, and I’d be super happy to see them made.

Shaak Ti/Galen Marek/Saw Gererra(19 Votes) Anakin Skywalker [Clone Wars] (20 Votes) Ki Adi Mundi (21 Votes)

10. Dark Troopers (22 Votes)

Number ten starts us off with a bang. These guys have always been a want for me but with their recent smash showing in The Mandalorian season 2, their popularity is soaring. There were a couple of votes for the slightly different earlier versions, but you have to think if and when we get these guys, it’s gonna be from their Mando look.

9. Wicket/Fennec Shand (23 Votes)

We had a tie for the number nine spot and instead of just making one of them nine and one ten, they get to split this spot. My poll, my rules! They’re basically as opposite as two characters can be but they both may be coming sooner rather than later. One because of their recent appearance in the Mandalorian, the other because another of his kind has recently been made into figure form for the Black Series.

8. Momaw Nadon (27 Votes)

While this guy had all of about twelve seconds of actual screen time, his backstory and his allegiances have been fleshed out in comics and other media. He even got a real name instead of just “Hammer Head”. He may have a limited back story, but man would I love to see this figure get made.

7. Lobot (30 Votes)

Number seven is another character with limited screen time, but unlike Momaw this guys short scenes were impactful and left an impression on fans. Later, he had his story fleshed out in comics and it ended up being pretty cool. Even without that backstory though, I think fans wanted this guy in their collection from his ESB appearance alone.

6. Savage Opress (32 Votes)

Just missing the top five is our first character who’s appearances have only been in the animated series. No movie scenes and he’s long gone by the time The Mandalorian era takes place in. He’s brutal, powerful, skilled, and downright scary. He’d also make a kick ass figure. If you’re not familiar with this guy I’d suggest you go watch Clone Wars. Like now.

5. Mara Jade Skywalker (31 Votes)

While Savage Opress was the first character with only animated appearances on this list, the number five spot goes to a character with only comic or game appearances. Which as it turns out, none of them are canon any longer. Now while she may not be canon(yet), her backstory and character are as well, or even more fleshed out than some of the other characters in this top ten. That makes her a popular enough character to make the top ten list.

4. Bib Fortuna[Return Of The Jedi] (33 Votes)

Number four is a bit of a surprise to me. Not because he’s on the list, it’s because he’s so high on it. He is definitely a key missing piece of Jabba’s palace and like a few other characters on this list, his recent appearance in the Mando series has brought him back into the spotlight. Although all of the votes besides two or three were for his ROTJ look instead of his recent, more beefy look.

3. Boba Fett [The Mandalorian] (34 Votes)

Now this is the one I knew would end up on this top ten. I actually kinda thought he would have finished in the top spot. He’s always been an incredibly popular character even with his limited screen time from the original films. Over the years his story has been fleshed out in the comics and cartoons, and now even more in the Mando series to the point that he may be one of the top five or so most popular characters in all of Star Wars overall. There were votes for both dusty and redone armors so I figure why argue and lets have both! We’ll also need a removable helmet or unmasked head of course too.

2. Darth Maul [The Clone Wars/Rebels] (40 Votes)

The number two spot goes to another character who I thought had a shot of finishing first. While his actual movie time was limited to one film plus one teaser scene in another, his story goes so much deeper. I know I love this character much more now because of his cartoon appearances. He’s a really deep character and I really need a figure of him from the Clone Wars/Rebels shows. But what look? He’s had a few throughout his appearances and storylines, but I think this can be solved with one easy answer: Deluxe figure with swappable head and legs, and maybe even a soft overlay robe than can be removed!

  1. Aayla Secura (43 Votes)

The number one spot was really a shock to me. I kinda had a feeling she’d end up on this list, but I had no idea how popular she really was. Like most of the characters here, she had very limited actual screen time, but thanks to the Clone Wars series, fans really were able to get to know and fall in love with the character. Which of course means we need a figure of her in the Black Series line for our collections. A Clone War styled swappable head would be a nice touch.

So that’s it my Star Wars peeps. I think this is a pretty solid list and even though I buy most Black Series releases, I have to say I’d be pretty jazzed to pick up each and every one of these.

So what do you guys think? Like the list? Hate the list? Leave your comments below, and as always you can discuss the vote here.