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Demanded Characters – Starfire

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This is Valentines month so I thought it would be fun to take a look at the great loves of our DC heroes.  This week will look at the girl that turns all the heads, even with that orange skin and fiery hair, Starfire. 

It looks like last week most people wanted to see the Marvel family in pieces, but want a classic look before any of the modern outfits.

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What makes this girl so attractive?  Could it be the skintight outfits?  The amazing amount her “stars” show?  The red hair and green eyes?  Or is it the innocence that she seems to have even with all the hardships she has faced?  I think it is a combination of all those things. 

Starfire is like any hot girl with a bad attitude, she has a tragic past. She was the second-born daughter into a royal family, and elevated as the number one daughter. As the first princess of her home world Tamaran in over a hundred years, surprisingly she did not have an ideal life.  She was trained to be a warrior , but when her sister betrayed her family and kingdom to a rival Citadel, Kori was give to the group to keep the peace.

Abandoned and betrayed by her family, young Kori was tortured daily, and fought back until she was captured by another race, the Psions.  This group not only tortured her but enhanced her natural abilities by adding the “starbolts” to her natural ability of flight and her warrior training.  Kori used her looks to escape her captors and brought her right into our scope by joining the Teen Titans. 

You would think a hot alien with super powers would be at the top of the dating list, but not Starfire. She is actually unlucky in love.  She has been widowed twice and left at the altar once, when the pastor was killed by her former teammate gone mad, Raven.  Even with all that heart ache she has come to find a family with the Titans.  She is the new kid who has grown into the big sister, offering support and advice for this new generation of heroes.  While being a life long titan she also joined her former fiancé Nightwing, whom she still has feelings for, on the Outsiders.   Most recently she was seen in a fight for her life to return home with Lobo, Adam Strange, and Animal Man. 

With the release of fellow Titans Robin, Nightwing, and villain Deathstroke in wave 3, Kori is a must for this line. Standing at 6’4” she will be quiet an impressive figure if she is done right.  But no worries, I think the Four Horsemen will bring their own unique twist to her, let’s just hope she can get past the censors at Mattel. 

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