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Hasbro: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Legends Star-Lord (Long Coat) and Rocket w/Groot Video and Quick Pics

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Legends Gamora and Nebula really set the bar high for the rest of wave 2 but Rocket and Star-Lord try their hardest. Rocket more than Quill, what with all the new sculpt and articulation, but it could have been worse. Way worse.

I kind of wanted a new Star-Lord with the long coat so this isn’t the worst choice, but it does end up being a lot of reuse. Which, in the grand scheme of the wave 2, is kind of amazing that the figure gets anything new at all. Of course there are the comic characters and the usual amount of reuse there, but when you step back and look this assortment actually has four completely new individual sculpts. If you count Mantis, that is, and I do. Hasbro could have even used the first wave’s Quill head but it’s new too, even though I prefer the first version in it’s Pratt-ness. Which is okay, because all the heads are interchangeable between the two bodies. Three, when we get the Ego/Star-Lord two pack from Entertainment Earth. A Quill for every room!

Rocket is where the overall improvement lies. The other new sculpts are characters we didn’t have, the trash panda is where we needed a replacement. The first movie gave us a little articulation above the waist but it was a total brick down below. And that’s on top of the likeness being off, probably due to the lack of reference material at the time of prototyping. The new Rocket fixes all of that. It’s not all the bells a whistle, the ankles and neck are just swivels, but it’s a step up. A big step up.

And then there’s Ravager Groot.




Rocket Raccoon:

Baby Groot with Ravager gear:

Star-Lord accessories:

Rocket accessories:



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