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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Upcoming Target Exclusives

Hasbro released photos of a couple of upcoming Target Exclusive Black Series figures today including the Mandalorian Privateer and a four pack of R5-D4, BD-72, and Pit Droids. They will be available this summer exclusively at Target, but we don’t have a pre-order date just yet. The droids will be $49.99 and the Privateer will be $24.99.

This figure is looking pretty familiar, but I do like the overall effect of this repaint a bit more than the female privateer we saw earlier. I think the sort of scratchy paint on the white stripe sold me on it a bit more. I may need to pick up that female and the fleet commander I skipped just because this is shaping up into a nice looking group. I really wish they would do the Covert Mandos from Season 3 eventually.

The droid pack is simultaneously exciting and a little annoying for me. I really like the extra jet boosters on R5, but I’m also a little annoyed I’m doubling up on this droid. Well, I guess I can stick one on the ANH shelf. The pit droids are something I’ve wanted more of since we got the one in the Disney droid set a while back. It’s a fantastic figure and moves really well. I just really need that third one. Hopefully it will come with a Pelli Moto figure later. Maybe with a deck of Sabacc cards accessory so they can play as they did on screen. The price seems a bit high, but I kind of see this as a two-pack with R5 as one figure, the two pit droids equal one regular figure and BD-72 is a nice accessory.

2 thoughts on “Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Upcoming Target Exclusives

  1. Call me a d***e, but I think this set will fly off the shelves. I bought a couple of eighty dollar Disney sets for a single Pit Droid, and this includes two. I personally can’t wait.

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