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Spero: Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal Series Two Ends Today!

The Primal Series Two Kickstarter has been chugging along nicely, unlocking alternate heads for the four new body types and some new figures, and comes to an end today 4/17/24 at 4:58 PM PDT. Head over there if you want some of these new style figures!

The most exciting unlock for me personally is that each of the original four new body types will now include an alternate head, so all the figures you buy have alternate heads at no additional cost to you. I especially like the horny toad head on the Mr. Blue Lizard.

They also unlocked the heavy infantry lizard, Grimes, Jessa, and Horrid Assassin.

The also unlocked a new bird body type and two characters, Raving the Spy and Merril the Bard.

I had to put a Raving down in my Kickstarter pledge, he looks so cool with all the weapons and feather texture. Merril the Bard is kind of tempting too. Now if they had made him a rooster it would have been an insta-buy for me as a tribute to Alan-A-Dale from the Disney Robin Hood. There’s also a Necromancer raven that’s pretty close to unlocking at $320,000 and alternate weapons for the birds at $330,000 and alternate heads at $340,000. I bet a few of these unlock before I publish this article.

There are even more super cool body types to unlock at higher goals. The Elephant, Rhino and Hippo are taking me back to the old Rammathorr figure line up from the Four Horsemen’s 7th Kingdom figure line so I hope they unlock.

If you see something you like, head over to the Kickstarter and pledge right away! If you hate coughing up money for Kickstarters super early or miss the deadline, BBTS does have the figures available for pre-order and they don’t charge until they ship. I personally went in for Boone, Grimes, Corvias, Grimes, Kanji, and Raving.

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