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Toy Fair 2017: Four Horsemen

17 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2017: Four Horsemen

  1. KS just ended, at 934k. Pretty historic campaign. Can’t believe my first KS pledge was towards such a massive campaign… and by 4HM no less. Their MOTUC and DCUC never impressed me before, but damn, give their figures some armor to hide the joints, and BAM, instant awesome.

  2. I understand they probably want to keep the KS page manageable, but DAMN it sucks to have to dig through sourcehorsemen blog posts and Toy Fair pictures to get alternative views of the figures.

  3. In the past there has been a small amount of stock that comes up for sale after the backer figures have been sent out, but it’s usually more expensive than getting a figure through the kickstarter.

  4. Depends, when it above 10$ more, that’s being rip off. Also, I think Four Horsem have some what decent international shipping.

  5. Seeing the photos from Toy Fair has made me up my pledge to get some of the lady orcs and the vampire army builder, and re-affirmed my decisions toget everything else already. Gwendolynne in particular (gold armoured woman) looks AMAZING.

  6. Is pledging the only way to get one of these figures or will there be a few available for purchase when production is complete?

  7. The Red Sonja-esque and Valkyrie / Viking / Lady Thor female figures look pretty awesome. The Gladiatrix (?) in the Minotaur helmet doesn’t look too bad either.
    I wonder if they’ll do a Xena-esque design since they appear to be inspired by a number of other prominent female warriors. And maybe an Amazon or two.

  8. Yeah, it’s odd the lack of coverage this KS is getting. It’s doing gangbusters, so I suppose it doesn’t really need the press. The Fwoosh has done a lot of reviews for the figures, but there’s no article here about the KS. Even this article doesn’t mention the KS currently taking place for the figures shown.

  9. This line is awesome but pricey. Four horsemen sculpts and paint applications and packaging is alwats great. But like other comments say, secondary markets make these impossible to collect after the fact. I’m lucky to have the one I do.

  10. News sites haven’t been covering the Mythic Legions 2.0 kickstarter… pretty much at all, which is strange. Normally any action figure kickstarters gets round-the-clock coverage.

    And yes the major selling point of this 2nd kickstarter are the females. The Goblins are all late stretch goals and MAN am I all in on all the Goblins.

  11. Thes women and goblins are all figures available in the Mythic Legions 2 Kickstarter (less than a week left for it). I would go to Kickstarter and take a look to see if you’d like to back for any of these figures.

  12. So I haven’t been following very closely – but is this the first time we’ve seen females in Mythic Legions? Some of those look cool. I don’t remember seeing the Goblins either. I’m not a big swords and fantasy guy but this is some great work. And I want one of the girls. Maybe that blue one.

  13. Man I wish I could afford these. Super cool. Maybe someday I’ll collect them but with limited room….just cant. Love the look of them and there only getting better. Glad to see them.

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