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Four Horsemen Studios: Cosmic Legions Wave 1 Review

The Cosmic Legions have landed!

Fwoosh Friend Hedgehog Action (on Twitter: @jfd6812) has provided us a write-up on Cosmic Legions series one – so read on!

Cosmic Legions – Hvalkatar: Book One

Cosmic Legions Wave One – has landed.  Yes, after years of rumor, discussion and speculation, the massive first wave of the Cosmic Legions line from Four Horsemen Studios (the masterminds behind Mythic Legions) finally landed this summer. First revealed in 2021, the initial direct preorders started hitting U.S. shores in or about early July 2023 and the “street date” recently expired, meaning that Cosmic Legions figures are in stock and available to order right now from online retailers such as Big Bad Toy Store; Nerdzoic; Wolf King Customs and many others.  (for approved U.S. and international retailers check here:  

This first wave is entitled Hvalkatar: Book One, and centers on the space prison “Hvalkatar,” a wild place where gladiator-style prisoner battles and mysterious experiments are the daily routine.  This first wave is HUGE – comprised of eleven (11) brand new figures, in addition to hands packs and other goodies. Although “7 inch scale,” the Cosmic Legions figures vary greatly in size and look. The designs are….(don’t do it) out of this world as well, (sorry), with everything from space insects to cosmic soldiers to humanoid characters.  Forget pushing the envelope, with the arrival of Cosmic Legions, the Four Horsemen are obliterating prior standards in terms of design, paint apps and accessories.  For more information on the underlying lore and for more incredible photographs of these figures from the one and only One-Six Shooter, check out

With all of that said, let’s take a closer look at the figures in Cosmic Legions – Hvalkatar: Book One…


First up is Highwarden Slogg. Slogg is called the “hulking commander of the prison Hvalkatar,”  and comes off as much of a space gangster as a prison warden. With a head and presence similar to Jabba the Hutt but adorned in a custom tech suit which sustains his life much like Darth Vader, Slogg is something of a mix of these two space icons. As for the figure, well this guy has some serious HEFT.  No joke, you could literally construct a workout using just Slogg as your dumbell.  Slogg comes with two (2) sets of hands, a data screen accessory and two (2) heads (one grumpy expression and one yelling at you for being so incompetent expression).  The heads fit under his removable clear plastic bubble dome, on a massive peg which permits Slogg some additional head articulation. Slogg also has two massive ports on his belly, which no doubt provide fertile ground for future 3rd party attachments. 


Kragnarr is another beast of a figure, an ogre-scale, orange reptilian creature with four (4) interchangeable arms.  And Kragnarr gives you options – you can display him with all four (4) arms, or you can remove the arms from the back and go with the 2-armed version.  But, emblematic of the Four Horsemen’s attention to detail, they have included port covers to use if you remove the 2 arms from the ports in Kragnarr’s back, so you aren’t left with 2 gaping holes. Kragnarr comes with two (2) heads; four (4) arms; six (6) sets of hands and a club weapon. 

T.U.5.C. Science Officer, Sentry and Engineer

Next up we have the “legion builder” figures of Cosmic Legions wave 1.  First, is the Science Officer, which comes clad in a white space science suit, with gorgeous metallic blue accents.  In addition to a heavy blaster and two (2) blaster pistols, the Science Officer also comes with a holographic transmission effect in translucent blue which plugs into a port on his arm (again, many of the Cosmic Legions figures include ports throughout their bodies, which permit weapons and other parts to be attached).  Additionally, the Science Officer includes a stunning swappable pink organic alien head, which provides a beautiful contrast against the otherwise white and blue figure. 

The T.U.5.C. Sentry comes on a body which is very similar to the Science Officer, but this time in all-gray (giving it the feel of a test shot), and which is just begging for coat of paint or two.  This is clearly a nod to the very talented and active customizing community which has grown up around the Legions lines. The Sentry comes with a sniper rifle; a heavy blaster; two (2) wrist blasters and two (2) heads – one helmeted and another unhelmeted organic alien head. 

The T.U.5.C. Engineer comes on a female “2.0” body, painted in shiny black with red accents.  For accessories, the Engineer includes an Electrostaff; two (2) blaster pistols and two (2) wrist blasters.  As with her Science Officer and Sentry brethren, the Engineer includes two (2) heads – one helmeted and another unhelmeted organic alien head, this time in a reddish-orange hue. 

Sphexxian Prison Guard and Sphexxian Block Commander

The Sphexxians are two (2) massive insectoid figures with  two very different but no less incredible paint jobs.  They both have removable body parts, including massive wings, antennae, and little bug arms. The Sphexxian Prison Guard comes with a gorgeous, shimmering, metallic green paint job, while the Block Commander has an orange and tan motif.  Each Sphexxian comes with its own plethora of accessories, which include a Sphexxian blaster; an Electrostaff; two (2) wrist blasters; and five (5!!!!) sets of hands – again, each Sphexxian comes with all of those accessories. 

Olek Thygar (Hvalkatar) and Olek Thygar (GraveRing)

Next up we have a first in the Legions lines – multiple versions of the same character released in the same (initial) wave.  Olek Thygar is a blue reptilian alien character that apparently plays a pivotal role in this storyline  – so much so that we get 2 versions.  But Thygar is significant for other reasons as well, as this character apparently has roots in Four Horsemen Maestro, Eric Treadaway’s past, having appeared in one of Eric’s childhood sketchbooks more than three (3) decades ago, as an earlier version of what would become the Thygar character.  How cool is that?? 

The first version of Thygar comes adorned in an orange and gray spacesuit, and is packaged with a heavy blaster; two (2) blaster pistols; an extra-heavy blaster; two (2) wrist blasters and two (2) sets of hands.  Thygar (Hvalkatar) also comes with two (2) heads: an integrated helmet and another unhelmeted head that can be placed inside a large, included dome.  In story, this is the version of Thygar who is apparently captured and brought to the Hvalkatar space prison against his will. 

The second version, Olek Thygar (GraveRing), is Thygar after he has been forced to fight as a gladiator of sorts in the “GraveRing” a lower level of the space prison.  The GraveRing version of Thygar comes with a staff; a “broken down” staff – which includes the shaft of the weapon and a Meteor Hammer with chain, a translucent green holographic attachment, and an extra set of hands.

Zeerian Spyre

Zeerian Spyre is another female figure, with incredible and haunting paint applications, and accessories which include a sniper rifle with strap; two (2) blaster pistols; a Cosmerrium hologram attachment in translucent red; two (2) heads and a removable mask.  Zeeri is also the only figure in Cosmic Legions wave one which comes with soft goods (other than Kragnarr’s furry tunic thing), in the form of a wired cloak designed by the inimitable CJESIM. 


Last but certainly not least is Vorgga, a former member of a highly trained special ops division of the policing force known as The Interorbital Perimeter Guard, Vorgga is now one of most dangerous characters who wage combat in the GraveRing.  Vorgaa is a figure with a stunning and forceful presence – a true badass.  Accessory-wise, Vorgga includes an “ultra-heavy blaster;” a backpack; ammo belt and a total of two (2) heads, one with a face mask and one without.

A Zillion Hands, a Skull and a Key

The Four Horsemen didn’t stop with the eleven (11) figures contained in this absolutely titanic wave – also included in Cosmic Legions – Hvalkatar: Book One are two (2) huge hands packs and a silver skull (the “Lost Kronnen”) and a silver key (gold versions were included with the original direct preorders, while silver versions are now available from retailers).  

Again, with the street date now behind us, you can order these figures right now from online retailers.  And now is the time to pounce, as these figures are only likely to increase in value on the secondary market once they sell out.  Also, the Four Horsemen have announced that the next wave of Cosmic Legions will be revealed this weekend at Power-Con.  What surprises await us in the next wave?  Perhaps the answers…are in the stars (just kidding, it will be livestreamed from Power-Con).  

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