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Four Horsemen Studios: Cosmic Legions Wave 3 – Oxkrewe, Book One: Thraxxon

2023 continues to be a huge year for Four Horsemen Studios and their new 7-inch scale Cosmic Legions line.  The Horsemen have used the success of their now-entrenched Mythic Legions line as a springboard to take Legions into the outer rims of the galaxy, and there are no signs that Cosmic Legions will be slowing down anytime soon. 

Fwoosh Friend Hedgehog Action (on Twitter: @jfd6812) has provided us a write-up on Cosmic Legions series one – so read on!

With wave 1 of Cosmic Legions having landed into collectors’ hands this summer, and on the heels of the announcement that wave 2 has left the factory and is headed to the U.S. (expected to start shipping to collectors by the end of October), wave 3 has now been solicited. Initial direct preorders for this wave have closed, but fans can preorder this wave starting on or about Monday, September 18, 2023,  from the Four Horsemen’s approved retailers. Check here for a list of the Four Horsemen’s approved retailers, both domestic and international:

The Four Horsemen revealed Cosmic Legions wave 3, entitled “Oxkrewe, Book One: Thraxxon” at a private party at Power-Con last month and yours truly was in attendance.  One key component of the Cosmic Legions waves so far has been the well-developed lore that has accompanied each new wave, and Oxkrewe is no exception.  This new wave centers on a crew of space travelers who crash land on a remote planet known as “Thraxxon,” and encounter a variety of alien beings, ranging from terrifying beasts to mysterious strangers.  For more on the lore behind the Oxkrewe wave, check out  Also, for more incredible photos of these figures by the one and only One-Six Shooter (Instagram: @onesix_shooter), check here:  Now, on to the figures…

Vellok Speer

We begin with the members of the Oxkrewe themselves. Notably, according to, six (6) members of the crew survived the crash on Thraxxon, and only three (3) will be released in this wave.  We understand that the other three (3) members of the crew will be released as part of future waves (there are slated to be three (3) waves connected to this storyline).  

First up is Vellok Speer, the pilot of the ill-fated ship and the “…unofficial leader and…father figure to this unconventional family.”  Vellok is clad in a blue armored spacesuit, replete with removable clear plastic bubble visor. There are some definite heavy Mando/Warhammer vibes going on here with Mr. Speer.  And he is a BIG DUDE – comparison photos show Vellok is much bulkier than your average 1.0 Legions character (although his parts are compatible with 1.0 figures). The Horsemen have referred to his sizing as “Cosmic brute scale.” He is equipped with two (2) heads, one (1) unhelmeted, one (1) with a partially covered head and two (2) faces plates (Vellok’s face and a shield option).  Note – the helmeted/visor options bear a vague resemblance to a certain serpentine villain from the ‘80s.

For accessories, Vellok comes with a reclamation saw, a flashlight (does not actually emit light), a pistol, one (1) tube and two (2) sets of hands. 

Uularia Speer

Next up is Uularia Speer, the navigator of the crew (can’t imagine Uularia is getting a great review at work this month), and the spouse of Vellok Speer.  Uularia has a spacesuit similar to Vellok’s, again with a removable clear plastic bubble visor.  Having seen this figure in person, I can confirm that the purple coloring of her suit is absolutely stunning. Like Vellok, Uularia comes with two (2) heads, one (1) unhelmeted and a partially covered head with two (2) faces plates (Uularia’s face and a tech shield plate).  Uularia also includes a hand-held reclamation saw, a flashlight (again, does not actually emit light), a pistol, a tube, and four (4) sets of hands.


Rounding out the Oxkrewe, uhh, crew, is Orvar, the “demolition and discovery specialist” of the group.  In other words, Orvar is the guy who likes to blow stuff up.  Orvar has a big, bulbous, veiny, neon green alien head that is always looking at you disapprovingly.  Orvar is a chunky boy, though shorter than both Vellok and even Uularia.  He has an armor style similar to his crewmates, albeit in an almost burnt sienna colorway.  Orvar comes with two (2) heads, one mildly cranky and one downright irate.  For accessories, Orvar includes a demolition hammer, a screwdriver, a tube, two (2) sets of hands, and two (2) chest overlay options for additional customizability – a hallmark across the Legions lines.  

Thraxxian Scout

The Horsemen actually revealed the Thraxxian Scout during their panel discussion earlier in the day at Power-Con (prior to the private party), and he is a reptilian native of Thraxxon.  Some have compared this guy to the Sleestak characters from Land of the Lost. The Scout is a green, scaly figure and is probably the one Cosmic Legions release who could slide most seamlessly into a Mythic Legions display. The Thraxxian Scout comes with two (2) heads (one angry, one passive) a spear, a club and six (6)(?!?) sets of hands. 


UkHa is another character who is native to the planet Thraxxon and is a cute, affable little alien guy. According to his bio, UkHa is a “Veeblian” (!!?!?) and is a scavenger character who helps the Oxkrewe after their crash.  He has a very unique body, with a long torso and a big head that is reminiscent of a hammerhead shark in shape, in a tannish-orange hue.  UkHa has two (2) heads, one with goggles (not removable) and one without. For accessories, UkHa comes with a staff, a separate pair of goggles, a satchel, back cannister and four (4) sets of hands. 

Lowland Scapeback

Next up is a first for the Cosmic Legions line, as the Four Horsemen are now doing full-on alien creatures. The Lowland Scapeback is a feral four-legged creature which is native to Thraxxon and which in-lore terrorizes the Oxkrewe camp.  This guy comes in purple and orange and includes an extra set of front “hands” (paws? claws?).  Incredibly, the arms and lower legs of this creature are actually compatible with 1.0 figures, making for some wild pop and swap possibilities. 

Kurnn Ray

The last figure in this wave is “Kurnn Ray,” and this character looks like some combination of Cad Bane and a Probe Droid.   Truly embodying the idea of the “mysterious stranger,” this character appears on the horizon, possibly spying on the Oxkrewe crash site.  Kurnn Ray includes a full complement of accessories, which permits a collector to create at least two (2) distinct looks for this character. This is the only figure in this wave that comes with soft goods, this time in the form of a wired long jacket designed by the amazing CJESIM, who have been providing some incredible soft goods designs in recent Legions waves.  Kurnn Ray also includes two (2) heads (unhelmed and the probe droid style head); a staff/weapon/tool, removable binoculars with strap, a backpack, belt, removable pauldrons and three (3) sets of hands.  

Oxkrewe Campside Communications and Cargo Collection 

Last up we have a first for the Legions lines overall, an accessory set.  This set includes a large crate with opening lid, a small crate with opening lid, a generator with removable chassis, a computer which flips open and two (2) tubes/hoses. This is a super fun set which permits collectors to build out their displays for their Cosmic Legions – or, indeed, for a number of other lines as well.  Offering up a brand-new item like this opens up a host of possibilities for the future. 

Again, preorders for this wave from the Four Horsemen’s approved retailers (at standard retailer prices) open up on Monday, September 18, 2023.  Check here for a list of the Four Horsemen’s approved retailers, both domestic and international: