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Toy Fair 2017: Mezco

9 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2017: Mezco

  1. That’s what I thought too. Proportions on WW are way off. Hope they get fixed, I’m really looking forward to it, but if I need to pass on it, I guess I will. . .

  2. Yup. She’s a shapeless stick figure. It’s not the right body for anyone. I hope they have another female body for comic versions as it’d look kinda silly next to the men. Shape, Mezco!

  3. It has a light up feature and removable, magnetic faceplate…I have to imagine it’d have die cast bits otherwise it’ll have to be considerably cheaper than the other Marvel offerings.

  4. I will give all the money for a Blue Falcon. And even more of all the money for Dynomutt.

  5. That Wonder Woman needs new, BIGGER arms and legs. At the very least it needs a new, BIGGER bicep piece.
    Even if it’s accurate to Gal Gadot’s build (which I don’t think it is), it just looks wrong in toy form. Especially when the armour seeks to add so much “bulk” to be figure.

  6. Huh. Ash, Netflix DD, and Wonder Woman look kinda crappy. And I don’t see anything about that Iron Man to justify the huge price tag it will have.

  7. Man, I don’t know how I’ll be able to afford all the ones I want. I need Ash, Steven Strange, Netflix DD, Wolverine. I wish they would include the backdrops on display, though decidedly some are way better than others. Also, Lane that the ghostbusters and a few others now say “2018”, tho my wallet appreciates that.

  8. Have those little backdrops always been part of the Mezco figure displays at conventions? I wonder if they’re planning on starting to include those with the figures.

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