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More Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Gwen Info

Out of all the things revealed last weekend, and between Toy Fair and Wonder Festival there were a lot of reveals, I think my favorite has to be the character I know the least about. I know who Spider-Gwen is in general, just not any of the story. But it’s an Amazing Yamaguchi figure, and with my new-found love of Revoltech and her striking design, it’s pre-ordered as soon as pre-orders go up.

Unless I’m missing something the image doesn’t actually give a release date (and I may very well be missing something) but it does show all of the accessories the figure will come with. One unmasked head and two masked with different eyes. Several sets of hands. A stand with the optional magnet base that we saw with the Spider-Man. A spiral web, a curved web, and a shooting webline. And finally a cell phone. Oh, and enough joints and range of movement to do these kinds of poses.

Like I said, no solicitation info yet but as soon as I see it pop up for pre-order I will run back to here and post it to let everyone know. After I get my order in, of course….

17 thoughts on “More Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Gwen Info

  1. Yeah, all those Revo joints look more seamless on her. It’s pretty rad. And I am really enjoying her character in the books. I wonder how far this will go. Will we see a Spidey 2099? A Scarlett Spider? A Jess Drew Spider-woman (be still my heart)? Some villian even? I have no idea where Revoltech is going with this.

  2. I actually love Revo joints. The tough part is keeping track of the direction it is bent in and to keep twisting them. But i view it as a puzzle or rather a Rubik cube. You twist and pull and twist again till you find the perfect combination, and that’s the fun.

  3. High Res official images are out. Also, word is preorders will be up soon. So I suppose the “2017 summer/June” is the release date, not the preorder date.

  4. Yeah, after seeing the engineering for the head on their Spider-man, maybe it’s for the best that the hood is a permanent fixture of the head.

  5. The unmasked face. That’s the one thing that sold me. From what I see, the hood is part of the head, so I kind of forgive them not making it removable for sake of articulation

  6. I hate Revo joints, but I can not deny how beautiful this figure looks. It’s definitely replacing my Legends one and is pushing me to get the Spiderman

  7. I will probably pick this one up and try and do a headswap with the ML unmasked Gwen head, if they scale well enough.

  8. It’s come across my Facebook several times today, no idea where it came from. And I agree, the shoulders are looking a bit more….part of the overall figure?…than usual. Maybe it’s the white or something?

  9. And where did you get this image Robo? Not even my go-to Japanese figure blog has an entry on this. Going full Woodward and Bernstein here!

  10. OK I’m FREAKING conflicted!!! Those shoulders look like they’re still the double-ball joints. But they seem more snug than those on Deadpool. At least in these photos they look good.

    And kind of disappointed the hood isn’t removable, and we’re getting faceplates that attach to the hood, and not full head sculpts. But the hood looks nice, so I guess that’s ok.

    Also, “CHAT”, “GRIEF”, “TRUE FACE”. WTF Japan.

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