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Kaiyodo: Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Gwen Promotional Images and Info

“Oh man, is the Fwoosh talking about the Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Gwen again??” Yes, we are. We love this line and Gwen is looking awesome. Okay, maybe “we” don’t love this line. I do. And I get harassed about it from certain other Fwooshers. I’m so abused.

But like I always say, just look at this thing. Yes, the joints can be ugly. Hell, the knees look downright horrifying in a couple of these pics. But look past that, into the pose itself. Plastic can do that?? Add that to the kick-ass design of Spider-Gwen herself and yeah, this is bought.

I grabbed these pics from this listing. It’s not available to pre-order quite yet but it should be soon.

We’ve seen these first pics in the magazine looking ad from a few days ago. Cool poses, cell phone, different faces.

Also, the accessory pic is much easier to see now. The heads are actually faces that fit into a single hood piece.

Hands, webs, stand pieces. But in the above pic the wider eyed mask looks asymmetrical, like the right is larger and shaped different than the right. I still like it but need to see it closer. But while the listing says three face options, I could swear these are all different.

Which brings me to the unmasked Gwen head. It looks great until you get the figure into a vanilla pose.

Then it looks tiny. If you compare the masked faces and the unmasked and take into account that they all have to fit within the same hood, the hair is the problem. In order to get the hair under there the face had to be shrunk. Not a huge deal because the masked faces look proportionate and you can still do this…

Revoltech isn’t meant to stand straight up, it’s meant to pose!! And the more I see, the more I need.

Spider-Gwen will release in June and run around $50.

Suck it, Indy.

9 thoughts on “Kaiyodo: Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Gwen Promotional Images and Info

  1. “But while the listing says three face options, I could swear these are all different.” Maybe they mean three options in addition to the one it’s already packaged with? Or three masked face options? Those are all definitely different.

  2. Spidey comes today, and Deadpool tomorrow. I didn’t plan on getting these, but Gwen made me rethink my stance. I’m a sucker for Gwen stacy! I can’t wait to get some nice spidey poses going!

  3. yup thats good enough for me. its not exactly the same as peter’s wall crawling hands but good enough for the fist/palm thing. i was mainly looking at the accessories included and didnt see what i was looking for. i guess the open hands are what shes likely boxed with

  4. The hands in the pic of her standing vanilla unmasked are most of the way open. Or are those the ones you are talking about?

  5. I’ve been playing with Spidey all day long – can’t keep my hands off him! He’s just so damn fun. I think I’ve gotten him into just about every iconic pose imaginable. Gwen will definitely be joining him as soon as she’s available.

  6. Thick thighs save lives.

    I have to hand it to them, they did a great job on this, but I was hoping for Black Cat over Spider Gwen

  7. no open hands? weird choice. the 1 fist punch and 1 open hand (punching their own palm) pose is one of my go-to’s. still a definite preorder for me

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