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CC30: Marvel Universe – What the buck!! – by Industrial

Marvel Universe – What the buck?!?!? – by Industrial (paint assistance from beardy, particularly the *#$%&y stuff)

Having seen how our biggest competitor has been raking in the collector dollars with a number of action figure lines that rely on creating as little new tooling as possible we’ve decided to test the waters with this exciting new wave of Marvel Universe action figures.


Utilizing most of the figure that we had initially created for Jim Lee Cyclops mixed with a few parts of somewhat dated older sculpts we present to you an entire wave of characters that you’ve previously purchased.


We hope that the collector community wholeheartedly embraces this wave so that we can utilize some of the profits towards creating a webstore for collectors that will sell future waves like this one for $22 plus shipping per figure.


Stay tuned for much requested characters, like: Shang-Chi, Valkyrie, Molecule Man, Nimrod, and Howard the Duck all utilizing the excellent Modern Thor base body combined with pre-exisiting tooling and some slight deco changes!

You’re welcome!!!

3 thoughts on “CC30: Marvel Universe – What the buck!! – by Industrial

  1. I am a noob here and am a little confused–are these customs that are for sale? I only ask b/c I have all of the above Marvel U figures and was wondering what the difference. Obviously I would understand if they are indeed customs. If someone can explain, I would really appreciate it.

  2. man…i know what you guys are saying…………….But i want all of these now! with this buck…how much to buy?

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