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CC30: Mighty Marvel Maniacal Mechanical Menaces by Jake Schroeder

The Marvel Universe has such a diverse group of robots; so diverse, that they deserve their own wave. This wave tested my customizing skills on so many levels. From the engineering (and re-engineering of Hodge), to the sculpting of Awsome Android, to the creating of a base body from scratch on Nanny and Widget, and the paint works on Crimson Dynamo and Nimrod. Not to mention the phototaking and the lighting requirements for a wide array of texture and shine (I think I failed on the group shot in this aspect). Now I understand that some of you may be asking, “Why is he calling Box a menace?” Well he’s not, I just though the title of the wave was more fun than “Marvel Robots.” This is my last entry of week, and I’d like to thank all of you for taking the time to look at my customs. Also, a big thanks to Fwoosh for hosting the event!

0aAwesome Android1Box3CrimsonDynamo1Hodge1Nanny1Nimrod3OrphanMaker1Widget1

2 thoughts on “CC30: Mighty Marvel Maniacal Mechanical Menaces by Jake Schroeder

  1. Widget! Oh gosh, oh golly, oh wow! Now you need Colin/Kylun and Vixen and her troopers.

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