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Ask Hasbro (GI Joe) – 1/15/10

Here’s the latest Q&A with the Hasbro JOE team, with questions submitted by Ray.  Thanks, guys!

1. Have you ever considered doing ROC repaints based on original toy colors?  I’ve seen some really cool customs where people painted ROC Armor Duke and Scarlet with v1 toy colors, and always thought those would be cool repaints to get.

We have no plans for this at present, sorry.

2. Why has there never been straight v1 colors on vintage figures when you re-issue them? It seems like the v1 color schemes are the most popular and iconic. Plus being vintage the originals are getting pretty old so it’d be nice to have high quality ones.

We have no plans for this at present but will look into it as possible exclusives.

3. How many new Waves of POC do you plan on showing at Toy Fair?

We will reveal several waves of the fall Pursuit of Cobra line.

[Editor – We’ll be there!]

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hasbro (GI Joe) – 1/15/10

  1. With answers like these I’m beginning to think Hasbro should be in politics. These are the kind of answers that you would get hell for if you gave in school: No expansion or explanation.

    Maybe we should just submit a form with wee yes or no boxes that they can tick and be done with it.

    Perhaps multiple choice would suit madam better.

    A: No sorry.

    B: No, but we will look into all possibilities (but not necessarily what you’ve suggested).

    C: We have big plans, wait and see at *blank or blanks* Convention! (Only use this answer when you misheard Vera gossiping in the office about what super-dolly her son would like Hasbro to make).

    D: Pfft. Who are you? Why are you asking me these questions? Away with you! (i.e. All of the above.)

  2. Well, that’s not helpful or encouraging at all. I guess Hasbro doesn’t like making money.

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