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Ask Hasbro (Marvel) – 12/17/9

The Hasbro Marvel Q&A is back.  Here’s the questions and answers for this round.  Thanks guys!

1. Regarding the 4″ Spider-Man line. Why the lack in articulation for the villains? I understand costs per wave and kids not being as interested in articulation as collectors. However, why not skimp on articulation with the numerous variant Spider-Man figures and give better articulation to the villains?

We develop articulation for each line of figures on a character-by-character basis. As you’ve noted, these decisions are based on both cost and consumer demand. We also take character accuracy into account. For Spider-Man in particular, we balance strong demand from both kids and collectors.

2. What is going on with the furyfiles? I am able to buy new waves of figures at retail but still cannot input my codes from series 5. Are the fury files continuing (I know the new figures come with hammer files) or are you guys giving up on it?

Fury Files are continuing. Because of Norman Osborn’s demands, the transition was a little bumpy.

3. Sometimes, main heroes get put into costumes and theme variations that collectors find strange – such as Shark Trap Spider-Man (otherwise known as “Scuba” Spidey). We’re going to see some similar variations in the new 1:18 scale Spidey line. What’s the biggest influencing factor? Are these variants based on hobbies and interests of the Hasbro Marvel team, based on focus groups with children, or just designed to put something new and outlandish on the pegs to get people talking?

Great question! The head of the Marvel team at Hasbro is a scuba-diving fanatic, and has demanded that all assortments include a deep-sea figure….

just kidding! We base our assortments on consumer testing to determine appeal. In this case, believe it or not, the Scuba Gear Spider-Man is one of our best-selling Spidey figures. Kids love imaginative play, and like to have a Spider-Man that is ready to battle any underwater foes.

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