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Official Fwoosh 2023 Marvel Legends Top Ten Poll Results

Well just like last year, we had to kinda expect that there would be some repeat finishers in this year’s top ten. Now while we did get the 1, 2, 3 and number seven finishers from last year released or coming soon in the line, that left most of the top ten intact. Plus none of the just out of the top ten finishers got a figure either. Getting the top three finishers as well as two of the top three BAF finishers means a lot of new faces at the top. Let’s see how y’all voted!

Oh and one more important note: To the loyal solider who has been the one and only vote for Zzzax for every single poll since I started doing this over ten years ago? I got your back this year. I have never read a single issue with him in it, nor do I know really anything about him except that he’s a Hulk villain. But that kinda of dedication needs to be rewarded so I used my last vote on him. Keep that dream alive!

As always before we dive into the top ten, I like to give credit to the characters that finished just outside, but still showed up in enough votes to make a splash. All of these beloved characters finished within five votes or less of cracking the top ten. Some much needed characters here and I personally would really love seeing these guys get made.

She Hulk (22) Deathbird (22) Attuma (22) Luke Cage (23) Iron Fist (23) and Exodus (26) all just missed. How crazy is it that the Heroes for Hire duo had the same amount? Man those two are just screaming for a two pack!

Coming in at number ten with 27 votes and making her first ever appearance in the top ten is the Goblin Queen. Her desired look was also very specific with underboob specifically winning the day. I get the feeling that her being included in the failed Ghost Rider kickstarter really got people wanting a figure of her. Besides that she played a huge role in one of the bigger x-events from my youth so I’m definitely down. But don’t wimp out on the underboob Hasbro!

Next up is a perennial top ten finisher, and truthfully he has become a staple on this list. He’s so looong overdue it’s ridiculous at this point. Hopefully this is his last showing here and Hasbro announces him this year. Skurge the Executioner comes in at number nine with 29 votes.

The number eight finisher just missed the top ten last year so you had to expect she was a strong candidate to place this year. Making her first appearance with 31 votes is Moondragon.

Another first time finisher, this character may be my number one want. The Outback era X-Men are my jam and this look for her is just seared into my X-men reading youth brain. Hopefully, like last year’s number seven finisher we get a figure of her this year as well. Psylocke in her armored look from the Outback X-Men era gains 34 votes to make the top ten. Yay!

The number six finisher made a big jump from just being outside the top ten to smack in the middle of it this year. A character who we have gotten more than a few figures of, but this specific look has not been touched on since the toy biz era. It’s definitely long overdue for an upgrade. There were votes for red and white, as well as blue and white. Both versions got votes for with and without halo. Either way it’s clear fans want him in their collections. Classic Angel comes flying in with 35 votes.

Coming in at number five is another repeat performer who jumps four spots from nine to five. She’s been in or hovered around the top ten for a while now, so hopefully she finally gets a figure made of her. Longtime X-Force member Feral gains 39 votes to make the top five.

From ninth, to eighth, to the fourth spot, it’s pretty obvious that the Legends fans want a figure made of this now three time repeat finisher. Inhuman member Crystal gets 40 votes to come in at the number four spot.

Leaping from fifth to third is yet another repeat performer. It’s pretty clear that Fwooshers want these characters, and until they appear on the shelves, it’s safe to say that they’re gonna appear on this top ten list. Original New Mutants member Wolfsbane gains 45 votes to get closer to the number one spot. She’s long overdue for a proper figure.

Only one vote separated the top two finishers, but both have been on or near this list for some time. Coming in just short of the top spot, Rachel Summers received 57 votes. Her Excalibur look was definitely the most desired look, and considering we have most of the team already that’s the natural choice.

Surprising the hell out of me and finishing in the the top spot by making the jump from fifth to first with 58 votes is longtime Mystique companion and Brotherhood of Mutants member Destiny. I feel like this would make an awesome looking addition to the collection and I would love to see how they handle the mask. That makes an all female top five and eight out of top ten are females.

The Build A Figure contest wasn’t much of one as Lockjaw reclaimed the number one spot with 33 votes. Coming in second is Armor with 14 votes. Annihilus and Holocaust finished tied for third with 11 votes each. I gotta say a BAF Armor would be very very intriguing. Not sure how they would pull that one off and still make the armor articulated and removable.

So that’s it for this year. Once again very X- heavy but this year more than that female characters dominated the vote. For me almost every single one of these characters would be instant buys. Most are actually must haves to me. Hopefully some or all of these beloved characters get made and enter our collections sooner rather than later. Then next year this list could be completely different.

Thanks to all the voters and we appreciate you input and participation. Hope your favorites made the list!