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CC24: DC Universe Classics Secret Two 2-Pack by Prodigy

Are they heroes? Are they villains? That line may be a little blurry for these two, but coming this Spring you can make that choice for your very own toy shelf! Mattel brings you the Secret Two(Pack)!

Included in the first of three 2 packs to complete the Six will be Catman and Scandal Savage.


Catman comes with his knife which fits into his sheath tucked behind
his cape.


Scandal comes complete with her lamentation blades ready to
slice up her enemies!

6 thoughts on “CC24: DC Universe Classics Secret Two 2-Pack by Prodigy

  1. VERY VERY nice! The links to the larger images aren’t working right now. I definitely want to check out all of the pics!!! Will have to forward them to Gail & Nicola!!!

  2. Wow, one of my other favorite entries. Scandal came out nice, and Catman is a must have. Will need to pm you about acquiring one.

  3. Those look great. Recipe on that Scandal now! Is that a PG head? So awesome but you better get on the rest of the 6. 2 pack is not enough love for the best team.

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