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CC24: DC Universe Classics Vile Villains by XII


CC Group 1.jpg

Realizing the lack of villains in the DC Universe Classics line, Mattel has decided to release an exclusive all villain wave featuring Batman for Killer Croc, Superman baddie Kryptonite Man, Green Arrow rogue Onomatopoeia, Master of sorcery Wotan, God of the dead Hades, and the grim reaper of the Speedster, Black Flash!

Black Flash 2.jpgHades 1.jpgKiller Croc 1.jpgKryptonite Man 1.jpgOnomatopoeia 1.jpgWotan 1.jpg

Name- XII
Email- [email protected]
Line Name- DC Universe Classics Vile Villains wave


Killer Croc-
DCUC Despero
DCD Killer Croc lower legs/fore arms/hands
everything else is sculpted

Black Flash-
Bullseye head
DCUC Flash

DCUC Dr. Impossible
XMC Ninja Wolverine head

DCUC Mr. Terrific
Legs from ML Ultimate Cap
Coat from ML Ultimate Fury

random bits and pieces

Kryptonite Man-
DCUC Cap. Atom

4 thoughts on “CC24: DC Universe Classics Vile Villains by XII

  1. Very cool! For some reason the individual larger pics don’t show up when I click on the thumbnails. I wanna see em!!!

  2. Great stuff! Great to see a version of Wotan. I thought I may be one of the very few who would like to see him “return” as an action figure and an enemy of Doctor Fate.

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