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CC24: Contest of Champions International Heroes by Ibentmyman-thing


During the Contest of Champions, these International heroes were gathered to fight for cosmic entities. Each unique and powerful hero presented here in this showcase are never coming to a store near you!


Arabian Knight: With his magic carpet and energy Scimitar, Arabian Knight defends Saudi Arabia from evil


Blitzkrieg: Blitzkrieg uses his electrical powers in the service of Germany


Collective Man: 5 men in one body, able to call on the collective strength of his people, Collective man’s uses his power for China


Sabra: An Israeli mutant with many superhuman abilities


Le Peregrine: High Flying French Hero


Talisman: Aborigine hero who can tap into “dreamtime”


Defensor: Shield-wielding, armored Argentinian hero


Shamrock: Irish girl with mutant powers of luck helping her in her efforts


Vanguard: Mutant Russian with the power to repel anything from him


Darkstar: Russian mutant who taps into the darkforce


Sunfire: Hot-headed Mutant who channels atomic fire through his body

Name: Ibentmyman-thing
Email address: [email protected]
Name of Line: Contest of Champions International heroes


  • Vanguard: DCSH Superman body and cape, ML Captain Marvel head, Scratchbuilt weapons, DCUC Aquaman hands
  • Collecive Man: ML Banshee body, ML boxset Mr. Fantastic head, ML boxset Wolverine forearms/hands
  • Talisman: ML Black costume Spider-man body, Taskmaster boots, DCUC Red Tornado head
  • Shamrock: ML two pack Elektra
  • Defensor: ML Two Pack Ronin, Clint Barton head, sculpt/cast skirt, Captain America shield resculpted
  • Sunfire: ML Ant-Man torso, crotch and resculpted head, Green Goblin Arms legs, Dr. Strange Shins and feet, Mr. fanstastic forearms/hands
  • Le Peregrine: Marvel Legends Captain marvel Body, ML Angel Arms, DCUC Superman Blue head,
  • Darkstar: ML Wasp, ML Maria Hill head
  • Sabra: ML Psylocke, fabric cape
  • Blitzkrieg: ML Black Costume Spider-Man, DCUC Atom head
  • Arabian Knight: ML Iron Fist body, ML Wonder Man Forearms/hands, LCBH Madman boots, partially scratchbuilt sword