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Ask Matty – 6/15/9

mattel_logo1It was a busy Mattel day today but Matty and Toy Guru still had time to send along the latest batch of answers to your questions. Read on!

1. Back when MOTU Classics was just starting up you said that characters that required all new tooling (like Ram-Man) would require the line going to retail in order to cost them out. With the apparent [rampant] success of the line at this point, has that stance changed at all. Have sales shown that guys like Rammy, Leech, Mantenna and King HSSS stand a chance in the line as is now?It is possible we will get to some fully tooled figures, depending on fan interest. In 2009, Teela was fully tooled.

2. Back at NYCC it was revealed that the Ghostbusters line would offer its first figure “around Father’s Day”. That is rapidly approaching, does that still hold true or do you have an update for the 12″ and 6″ debut days?

Unfortunately, no. The first release will be Egon 6” at SDCC followed by 12” Ray in September.

3. With the recent news that major retailer Wal-Mart is cutting down the size of their toy aisles systemically, is there cause for concern for DCUC at retail? Can you confirm that it will continue to be a staple of the now smaller shelf space?

The decision to carry product is made by each retailer. If you are not seeing your favorite Mattel brand at your local retailer, ask for it by name!

4. For 2009, the characters released under the MOTUC banner have been fairly logical- e.g. most of the 8-back characters, reuse, etc. Will that change going into 2010? Can you give us some insight as to the number of Princess of Power and New Adventure figures we might see next year? We want all corners of the MOTU mythos!

We are currently planning on at least 1 POP and 1 NA character in 2010. We can’t comment on anything beyond that.  However, we very interested in exploring all of the MOTU world with this new collector line!

5. Since SDCC is right around the corner, can you give us an idea of how many DCUC, MOTUC and Ghostbusters figure reveals we will see at the show? Everyone is excited for a big showing.

We will have three new waves of 6” DCU figures, at least 1 new Ghostbuster figure and at least 6 new MOTUC figures.

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