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Ask Matty – 7/1/9

mattel_logoMatty and Toy Guru are back with the last Q&A session until August 15th. Check out the latest round as we head into Comic-Con!

1. Early pictures of the DCIH Hal Jordan pack-in figure that comes with the new animated Green Lantern movie have started to surface. It looks like the articulation is greatly improved from the line’s previous releases, is this closer to the POA scheme that we can expect for DCIH in the future?

Yes, with even more articulation on the way!

2. For MOTUC, a lot of fans of the Princess of Power corner of Masters are big fans of those character’s Filmation costume designs. We that for legal reasons the figures of these characters cannot be right on-model to the Filmation scheme, but how close can the Horsemen take their designs?

Mattel does not have the rights to Filmation’s figures at this time.  As for the Horsemen designs, you’ll just have to wait and see! But not to worry, Mattel and Horsemen are very committed to doing POP character right!

3. You recently revealed that in 2010 most months will have more than one MOUTC item for offering. Can you tell us if that means mostly reissues of previous figures or can we expect two new figures each time? The more the merrier!

Bonus items will be a combination of re-releases, new characters with minimal tooling, logical repaints (i.e. no techno glow Skeletor!) and some other surprises to be revealed at SDCC.

4. Can you give an estimate as to when we can expect the remaining DCUC series this year? There is still 9, 10 and 11 to get to, are there targeted months?

Wave 9 will be out this summer with 10 and 11 in the fall.

5. When can we expect the next DCUC Fan Choice Poll to start? It seems like it was right around this time last year.

The next poll will run during SDCC on and will be announced in the next issue of Toy Fare magazine.

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