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Ask Matty – 6/1/9

Mattel's latest DCUC and MOTUC answers for June 1, 2009.

Welcome back, Mattel fans! It’s the first of the month, it’s the first of the month… and we all know it is time for Matty and Toy Guru to be back with answers to our questions. We got a few gems this time so check them out!



1. You just unveiled that Webstor will be the September Masters of the Universe Classics figure, will his backpack and grappling hook be able to “climb” like the 1980s figure? That would be really cool.

Yes. The backpack will work just like the 1980s figure!

2. In the past you stated that the DCUC 8 modern Dr. Fate final figure would have gold gloves and cape to match the rest of the figure (instead of the mis-matched yellow). Since they started shipping no change has been made, is it still possible that will happen later in the production run?

Yes, we will be making a running change to all gold.

3. The MOTUC figures for October, November and December have yet to be revealed, can you tell us which month(s) will have a heroic character and which will have an evil character?

September will be evil, October will be good, November will be evil, December will be good.

4. The Green Lantern corner of the DCU looks like it will be the “big thing” over the next couple of years (new animated movie, Blackest Night story line and live action feature film). Does Mattel have plans to fully support this? One things a lot of DCUC fans have requested is a comic-based line of figures compatible with DCUC, is this in the cards? With all of the popular Lantern characters out there and different colored Corps it seems like it would be a “can’t miss” execution.

Yes, we are looking at adding more Lanterns both Green and other colors to the lines!

5. We know that there is still a DCUC Wal-Mart exclusive series scheduled for this year, will the case assortments follow what has been done for series 7 and 8 (characters split into 2 or 3 different assortments) or will all the characters be in one assortment? A lot of fans have expressed anxiety about being able to get all the figures (after last year’s series 5) and breaking them up into different pack-outs would only make them harder to get.

The Wal-Mart wave will have all of the figures in one case pack as there are no All Star figures in this case.

*As always, thanks to Matty and Toy Guru for the answers; SDCC is right around the corner, I have a feeling we are going to build to a fevered pitch.

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