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At The Movies with SCB – Star Trek

review.gifTo steal a stupid catchphrase, this ain’t your daddy’s Star Trek. I was never a big fan of Star Trek, not in the 90’s, and too young for the classic days. My experience includes a handful of episodes and a couple of movies, neither of which interested me enough to really care. 

This movie appealed to me because it looked nothing like that Star Trek. It just looked like a great movie, which is exactly what J.J. Abrahams was shooting for, as he was never a fan, but someone wanting to tell a good story.

On to the movie itself, where the new Star Wars epically fails, the new Star Trek delivers. It is suddenly cool to become a Trekkie after watching this. The new Kirk and Spock are awesome. While they are new or rebooted, they are not wannabees at all. Instead the characters feel iconic, without being cheap or mimicked. 

The supporting cast, while not outstandingly iconic at first glance, were solid casting. The chemistry and interaction is very entertaining.

Eric Bana is unrecognizable as the villain, Nero. He’s great, but kind of missing a memorable impression towards the end. 

Leonard Neemoy was amazing, great screen presence and made the new Spock and Kirk believable, as he does pass the torch while co-existing. I’m not sure Shatner would have the same effect, but he’s welcome to try.

The overall feel of Star Trek is what makes it worth while. There’s a constant sense of joy during the entire thing, the joy of being the guardian’s of the universe, without taking it too seriously, even though emotions, lives, and legacies are at stake. 

Can’t wait to see more adventures from this crew.

Go see it!


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