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review.gifSo I haven’t reviewed anything in a couple of weeks. Honestly because there hasn’t been anything to see really. This week however there is a double feather. The highly anticipated Crank 2: High Voltage and a more serious State of Play.

Let’s get the eye candy out of the way. Crank 2: High Voltage.

I was very pumped for this after the mantastic masterpiece, Taken, earlier in the year. 

If you enjoyed Crank or even didn’t enjoy it, skip this either way. This movie is terrible. There are glimpses of crank 1 in this, but it gets so overboard it becomes stupid. Remember when Transporter 2 actually made Transporter 1 believable? Multiply that by ten and you’ll start to understand how ridiculous this sequel is.

It’s just filmed like a cartoon and the plot makes no sense by the end. Amy Smart is really hot though, very trashy, dirty stripper.

Skip or rent. 

Great political thriller about investigating the death of a congressman’s mistress. Played by Ben Affleck, the congressman is also head of the investigating committee trying to take down a private military corporation (Blackwater to us). So his affair complicates things as it becomes a scandal.

Russel Crowe is an old school reporter, think Woodward and Bernstein, who used to be college roommates with the congressmen and tries his best to protect him before writing his piece, which he feels obligated to do as truthfully as possible. 

He and McAdams, more of a new school blogger reporter end up investigating the the murder and possible conspiracy together.

It’s a really well told story as far as they go with lots of twists and turns mixed with a sudden feeling of suspense.

There’s a nice supporting cast that includes Jeff Daniels, Helen Mirren, Robin Wright Penn, and Jason Batemen.

Very entertaining, but has some holes in acting and miscasting with Ben Affleck and McAdams who really can’t measure up to who she really should come across.

Still worth seeing. 

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