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At The Movies with SCB – Terminator Salvation


I actually really liked T3. It was never in the league of the James Cameron originals, but it was never going to be. Considering T3 was made after so many years, with an old Arnold, it turned out to be a fun movie that had a respectable connection to the originals. It was enjoyable, but not a classic.

Termination Salvation on the other hand, kind of had me bored at times.

Let’s break it up in in the good and bad.

The good, the action delivers. All the futuristic robots and technology we imagined in T1 and T2 becomes real. There are tons of explosions. The Marcus character, the first half human cyborg was well done. There is a nice cameo from the other films. 

The bad: It’s hard to care about any of it. The future of T1 and T2 coming to life just isn’t as good as imagining it. I love Bale, but John Conner was just playing the inevitability card in this. Kyle Reese was alright, but when things weren’t being blown up, I was bored and wondering when things would get good.

I have to say the cancelled Sarah Conner Chronicles were more compelling, and so was T3 IMO. It’s not a bad movie at all, but not a memorable summer blockbuster. 

I’d rank the 2009 blockbusters like this so far.

Star Trek 
X-Men Origins

I wouldn’t mind a sequel where they create the T-1000 and deal with time travel, although I don’t think these guys can make a great movie out of it. The action would be great however.


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