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Playmates Toys: TMNT Mutant Mayhem Mega Mutant

There is no doubt about it – Mutant Mayhem has been a commercial success, as well as a win with kids; and, And, AND – with the FANS! That is a great trifecta. Now, Playmates is celebrating the exciting movie climax with the large and outlandish MEGA MUTANT!

You know, if you are a villain bad enough to make all of your cohorts turn on you in the end, you are one bad dude. That pretty much sums up Super Fly, and while he made a great villain throughout the movie, he turns into a giant threat at the end. Taking his fly form and mashing just about every animal you can think of onto him to make a huge monstrosity Mega Mutant, it took not only the Turtles, but the rest of the Mutants to shut him down.

Available now from Playmates, check out this new big figure meant to run rampant against those heroic Turtle boys!

*Thanks to Playmates for sending this figure along for a preview