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At The Movies with SCB

This week we venture into WWE Films newest project 12 Rounds starring John Cena. Wait what? WWE Films? Is this a joke review? In this economy?!? What can I say, I actually like John Cena on screen. No longer a pro wrestling fan though.








This looked like a guilty pleasure movie, much like John Cena’s The Marine. This might have been better as a rental though.

I wanted to like this a lot more, but it just doesn’t get good and for the stupidest reason. They don’t have John Cena fight! Imagine Matt Damon on steroids dressed as a cop.

I think Cena has a great screen presence for these types of 80’s action flicks done today. Great look and pretty believable for the guy he’s aiming to be to the audience. He was used better in The Marine where he had lots of choreographed fights. In this one, he’s literally going through obstacles. To his credit, his acting was far better in this and improved a lot.

The rest of the cast sucks. They’re not bad, just B level actors.

Also, too many rounds. He has to do 12 things to get his girl back, but 12?

I was never bored during the movie, it has a non stop action pace like Speed and Die Hard films, just not that compelling. Cena is awesome, but really put on an action leash. I can still see him as Captain America one day.

Rent it.