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Ask Hasbro (Marvel) – 5/6/9

{mosimage}I know what you guys were thinking – those Fwoosh guys missed the Hasbro Q&A deadline again.  We knew you weren’t going to buy the old “the dog ate our homework” excuse, so we actually did our assignment this time.

Thanks to the folks at Hasbro for answering this set of questions.

1. Can you provide an update on the Marvel Nemesis wave of figures?  What is the delay in getting the figures to Walmart for the US market?  These started hitting the market in Canada about 2 months ago and people in the US are wondering when they’ll hit.  As far as quantities, how will availability be compared to the Ares and Red Hulk waves?

We’ve been experiencing some unfortunate delays in getting this BAF wave to the shelf.  We’re currently exploring several different avenues to try and get them to you.  We also want to make these available as soon as possible.  More details to follow as the specifics develop….

2. What are your plans with Gigantic Battles?  People have been clamoring for a Sentinel re-release (see the Fwoosh’s top picks for Gigantic Battles) and that could be a great way to make that happen.  Any plans yet beyond the first 2 sets?

There’s a lot of cool opportunities for more Gigantic Battle offerings, but based on the timing (October / November of 09) we can’t discuss anything beyond the first wave.  Interesting results on the Fwoosh poll…but Ego the Living Planet only got one vote!  Seriously?

3. How’s the reception been for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine figures? What are your plans beyond wave 3?

The reception of Wolverine has been great so you’ll be seeing plenty more X-men coming your way.  However, we’re saving many of these specifics for SDCC.

4. Is there any particular Marvel product line in the past 2.5 years that retailers have really been excited about, and how has that enthusiasm affected your development and marketing of other product lines?

Currently, there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm around the launches of Wolverine and Marvel Universe this year.  The initial feedback from consumers and retailers on both of these lines has been very positive.

5. All female figures in the GI Joe line have bicep swivel articulation, as do some of them in the Star Wars line.  Why is the MU Ms. Marvel figure lacking bicep swivel and will this articulation be added to future female MU figures?

We hear you on the Bicep swivel. As we move forward, we’ll be looking at adding some extra “breaks” in the arms for our new female sculpts.


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