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Ask Hasbro – GI Joe, 3/16/9

{mosimage}1.With how beloved the modern G.I. Joe vs. Cobra line has become, there’s a great amount of concern over the line’s future as we head into 2009 and beyond. Has Hasbro nailed down specifically what the plan will be for this line during the movie year? Will we continue to see the modern-era line while movie product is also on the shelves, or will the modern-era line be put on hold while the movie toys are out?
The modern era figures will not be on shelf at the same time as movie figures.  Some classic figures will continue to be available online (such as the newly announced 7-packs).  We are not yet ready to talk about our specific plans for 2010 and beyond. 
2.With the much-anticipated G.I. Joe: Resolute cartoon on the horizon, is it likely that we will see a DVD Set with the complete Resolute cartoon once the show has aired all planned episodes? Likewise, will we continue to see Resolute-themed action figures even after the cartoon has concluded?
It is more likely that the 80’s cartoon and Resolute will be released separately in the future.  As for more resolute figures, there are currently no plans beyond the figures now hitting shelves; but as always we are looking for fan feedback.
3.Would it be possible to expand the library of head sculpts in use? I’d forego a few accessories per wave if it meant every character’s face was unique, even pack-ins like Starduster and Leatherneck. The original line recycled head sculpts, for example in the 1982 assortment, because the lack of detail made it seem less obvious. The more detailed modern figures can look like clones, especially when using distinctive head sculpts like Hawk’s.
Thanks for the feedback, as the line has gotten deeper, we now have a broader library of heads to choose from.  Sometimes due to cost or timing, we do not have the luxury to create a unique head for every figure, but we will continue to try and make each figure unique and full of personality.

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