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Demanded Characters – Cheshire

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week we take a look at another green character.  Those with green skin be few and far between in the DCU, so let’s take a look at someone who loves to dress in green, Jade Nguyen A.K.A Cheshire.  

It looks like most people agree that the classic Top is the one to have.

Cheshire, unlike the cat by the same name, is a deadly assassin who specializes in poisons.  While you may think she is just another Lady Shiva look alike, she has a checkered past that makes her an interesting character and possibly a great figure.  

What can be said about this bad girl’s life other than that it has been tragic from the start? She was a product of violence in Vietnam, and grew up surrounded by dangerous people.  Her mother was raped, and shortly after birth the child was sold to the highest bidder.  The effects of this trauma turned the young mind to anger, and when she was given the chance to learn to fight she took it.  She trained her body with the Master Weng Chan, and then learned how to use poisons to attack by an African Assassin, named Kruen Musenda.  When she learned all she could she was ready to become an assassin on her own.  

There is nothing ordinary about her methods, and though she did not have any super powers, she got the attention of the Teen Titans.  The Titans were on a mission from the U.S. government to take her down. Roy Harper, Arsenal, went in undercover to bring her to justice, but the operation did not go according to plan.  While on the mission Jade and Roy fell in love and as a result, a child was born. Both wanted to give the baby girl, Lian, a normal life, but because of their pasts they knew it was not possible.   Jade knew her life would not be one that could keep a child safe, and who better then a super hero to leave her child with, so she left.  She became one of the most ruthless assassins in the world, working with the likes of Death Stroke and Vandal Savage.  Her lifestyle has over the years brought her into contact with the Titans time and time again, and because of her child there has always been something to stop her from following through with a plan completely.  

Most recently she was part of the team the Secret Six, once again falling for someone she was working with.  This time, though, that love produced a son, whose father may be Catman. The purpose and the fallout from this event has yet to come to light in the DCU.  

So guys, do you want her as part of the DCUC?  
She is an important part of the DCU history, from her connection to the Titans and the Secret Six, and her part in Luthor’s plan during one of the most recent Crisis’.  It is most certain with the Titans made already, that Roy will be made sooner or later and with him in the line, wouldn’t it be great to have one of his most famous villains/ loves?  We have the famous couples so far of Dick and Babs, Dick and Kory, Mr. Miracle and Barda, and Harley and the Joker, wouldn’t it be great to have a hero and a villain pairing?  Not to mention how great it would be to add another female to the line.  

On the other hand, I can see the need to not have her in the line.  Does she need to be made more than a Big Bear, or Martian Manhunter?  Is she popular enough to sell to the moms and dads for their kids?  
Talk it over in the thread, and let the powers that be know if she should be considered a Demanded Character.

Some images courtesy of Comic Vine

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