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Demanded Characters- The Furry Green Lantern Smack Down

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week we wrap up our green month with a look at two of the most famous, the most well respected, most well known Green Lanterns in all of history.  This week we let the fans decide who is the most Demanded Furry Green Lantern: Ch’p or Gnort?

Last week most people agreed that Cheshire is a Demanded Character.

So in a knock-down, drag-out fight between the furry members of the Green Lanterns Corps, who would come out on top?  Lets take a look at the history for these two giants of the Corps.  

Ch’p: He may be small but he packs quite a punch.  This little guy from the planet H’lven is one tough soldier.  His planet was beaten by invading forces, yet he stood up for the freedom of his people when the Crabster armies took over H’lven.  Ch’p was the leader of the freedom fighters, and because of his position was a big target.  He was captured and was going to be put to death for all to see, but the Guardians saw something in the tiny fighter and gifted him with a power ring, making him the Green Lantern of Sector 1014.  He was not the like the Chip of the Disney fame, though he saved countless worlds time and time again, proving it does not take size to be a true hero.  He met his end as many creatures like him, under the tire of a truck.  His legacy is carried on in the new Green Lantern of Sector 1014, B’dg

G’nort: What can I say about this furry friend that does not make him seem like the fiercist warrior to ever put on a green lantern ring?  Not having any fingers, this dog-like being has one of the largest Green Lantern rings in all the corps. G’nort is known by all for his actions while he was part of the famous space police made up of the Green Lanterns and later the Darkstars. Initially he was thought of as a joke, and placed in the Corp by beings posing as Guardians to weaken the Green Lanterns, and he proved them right in their choice.  He is the Costello of the Green Lantern Corps, always at the wrong place at the wrong time, but his bite is worse then his bark.  When the chips are down, he is always willing to lend a hand, and this shaggy hero is one of the most famous beings to wear the ring. What he lacks in ability he makes up for in compassion and heart, and while he may never reach the status of a Hal or Kyle, he is still a hero on OA.  
There you have it. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, but who should come out on top to become part of the DCUC line?

Some images courtesy of Comic Vine

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