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Demanded Characters – Wonder Girl

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  We are continuing our look at some of the very special ladies of the DCU.  We have watched this young lady grow from a little girl playing dress up, to becoming one of the strongest leaders in the DCU.  Her origins were a mystery until this last year, and her true potential is just now starting to be revealed.  This week we focus on Wonder Girl, Cassandra Sandsmark.

Last week it looked like the Liberty Bell version of Jesse was the on the top of everyone’s DCUC list.

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When we first met Cassandra she was a goofy little kid with a dark wig and a Wonder Woman tee shirt.  Now she is a strong confident woman who has gone though a lot, only to come out on top as one of the most powerful females in the DCU.  

Cassandra was an only child who never knew her dad.  She was the daughter of an archeologist who was fascinated with Wonder Woman.  When her mom got the chance to work with the Amazonian, Cassie did whatever she could to be part of those meetings.  Once when Wonder Woman was in trouble, Cassie grabbed some nearby unused Greek Weapons and helped Wonder Woman defeat her foe.  From that moment on she was doing anything she could to be a hero like her role model.  She slowly started to realize she had her own powers, and while she started off hiding herself from the public, as she grew and became more confident, so did the the wig and the baggy clothes. She caught the eye of all the young heroes and had romances with both Super Boy and Robin.  

As she grew she also realized that her absent father was actually the king of the Greek Gods, Zeus.  This news really threw her for a loop, because she was no longer an only child, she had dozens of siblings with varying powers always meddling her her life.  Having this amazing new family is something she is still adjusting to, but one thing is for certain, Wonder Woman and Donna Troy will always be her sisters.  They are two people she looks up to and goes to for advice and support.  

Let’s see what we have for costumes. 

The original Wonder Girl costume looks like something out of a Pixar movie.  She looks goofy with the big toothy smile and the black wig. Depending on other versions of characters we may get, she may fit in well with other Young Justice Characters.  

As she grew and lost the wig, the baggy clothes stayed and she made up for the wig with the little pigtails.


The next look was something different, more adult.  The skin tight jeans or red pants with the red Wonder Woman-like top would fit in best with the Robin we have today. 

Finally, the modern look that she sports, which is a mix of the previous two but with a long sleeve shirt, but looking more and more Wonder Woman like.  

So guys, what version of Cassie do you want to see first in the DCUC line?

*Some images courtesy of comic vine.

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